On International Women’s Day: ISESCO calls Islamic world to empower women to contribute to society building and advancement


Every year, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day on March 8th. This Day is an opportunity to shed light on women’s conditions in different parts of the world, and highlight the difficulties they face. It is also an opportunity to come up with recommendations, proposals and ideas to improve the situation of women and put an end to the violations of their rights for the sake of their empowerment and advancement, in such a way as to make them active and productive members of society who are able to create and contribute to building a prosperous society where understanding, complementary, peace and coexistence prevail.

Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
On this occasion, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) issued a statement wherein it called on Member States, non-governmental institutions and civil society organizations to join efforts to safeguard women’s rights. The statement underscored that such a goal can be achieved through spreading cultural values and human rights concepts that could help women overcome the obstacles hampering their access to education and training on vocational skills; promoting their active participation in the different economic and production sectors; and other forms of support that could provide women with life success opportunities.

In the same connection, ISESCO urged legislative councils and the institutions and bodies concerned in Member States to promote the legal framework and rights-based approach to address women’s issues in all regions, focusing on underserved remote cities and villages; and incorporate positive modern concepts in curricula at all levels of education, including higher and postgraduate education.

The statement also maintained that ISESCO monitored a number of challenges and obstacles facing women in the Islamic world, including gender discrimination and inequality in education.

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