4 Top Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

The kitchen is a key room of the house, a hive of activity and one of the first rooms that guests see when they enter your home. When investing in a new kitchen, you therefore need to think carefully about the design and functionality. Balancing timeless styles with modern trends is a major consideration.

If you’re planning on upgrading your kitchen in 2016, here are a few top design trends that will dominate kitchens for the year ahead –  and beyond. Remember, in party situations how many times have you ended up in the kitchen of the house? What would people think of your kitchen if they gravitated there during a special occasion? Would they say any of the following things?

Striking Colour Schemes

Classic wooden units will always be a safe bet for kitchen installations, but if you’re looking to make your kitchen design stand out, opt for more contemporary colours. White, black and grey are bang on trend for 2016, complementing marble and granite worktops perfectly and pairing well with appliances such as ovens.

Want to add a splash of colour to your kitchen? Try bold greens, oranges, blues and yellows to give your décor a more personal, homely touch.

Seamless Design Features

For 2016, interior designers are going for a more minimalist look for this key room of the house. In a busy kitchen environment, you don’t want your counters and units to look cluttered, so choose features that will make your kitchen design look seamless.

Handle-less drawers and monochrome colour schemes contribute to this minimalistic appearance. Meanwhile, single unit surfaces with no visible joints will give your kitchen a clean, sharp look, as can be achieved with Corian worktops.

Multi-functional islands

Islands have long been an aspirational addition to the kitchen, but for many families, it’s a matter of style versus functionality. However, now the attention is turning to making kitchen islands more practical, serving as an all-in-one place to prep, cook, dine and store.

Incorporating cupboards and appliances into your kitchen islands can make them suitable for smaller kitchens. Manmade and natural stone worktops can be crafted to accommodate features, such as sinks and hobs, by experienced kitchen worktop installers.

Sinks with Bottomless appeal

We spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink, so it’s worth investing in one that enhances the overall appearance of the room. Belfast-style sinks give character to both traditional and modern kitchens, and pair well with the luxury look and feel of natural stone worktops. However, make sure that you choose bespoke worktop installers if you want to get the design just right for sinks and appliances that don’t fit standard sizes.

Invest in a kitchen that will look great and function even better for years to come, by jumping aboard these top kitchen design trends in 2016. Whether you’re replacing your worktops or overhauling the whole room, combining contemporary styles with practical features is the key to getting results with staying power.

This article was written by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam with helpful information from Henley Granite and Marble. Kelly is a Yorkshire lass who enjoys fine dining in interesting places. You can follow her on Twitter @KellyGGrassam.

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