Tips To Follow If You Are Renting

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  • Before you move into your new flat, you should make sure that you have contents cover so that you will have protection for your personal belongings. You’ll have a myriad of options to review so that you can choose the best cover for the things that you want to insure.
  • Most flats to rent in Braintree require a deposit; it’s important to know whether your deposit is protected. Do some research and ask your estate agent to help you determine whether your deposit is protected from the beginning of your tenancy contract.
  • Make sure that you always pay your rent on time. You will probably not be renting a flat for your entire life and when you want to qualify for a mortgage, the lender will check your credit rating. You can begin to establish a good credit score by always paying your rent when it’s due.
  • The experts at recommend that you gain practical knowledge of your flat by knowing where the water stopcock is located. This can switch off all of the water coming into your flat and can save you from experiencing water damage if you can turn off the water as soon as you see a problem. If you can’t find it when you first move in, ask your landlord to show you its location, so you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency.
  • If you don’t care for a particular colour used in your flat, you must get permission from your landlord before you make any changes. When you move out, the landlord will do an inspection to determine if you get your deposit returned to you; if you’ve made changes without their consent you can lose your deposit. Any changes in decorating the flat should first be cleared with the landlord and recorded in writing for your protection should a dispute come up when your tenancy has ended.
  • You’ll want to add your own personal touches to the flat, so try using picture strips before you begin hammering nails into the walls of your flat. Get the removable kind that will hold your pictures and wall decorations securely without pulling the paint from the walls when you change or remove them.
  • Take readings from the meters when you first move in so that you’ll only be paying for utilities that you have used. Record this information in a safe place so that you can refer to it once your monthly bill arrives.
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