3 Uncommon Date Ideas For You and Your Special Someone

So, you want to treat your beau out to a special place? Maybe it’s your anniversary, maybe you want to celebrate a tiny triumph, or maybe you want to pop the big question. These are all significant life events that need to be celebrated – but how exactly do you intend to do that? Of course, there are the expensive dinner reservations for two, there’s the movie, and the quiet night in front of a fireplace. But these have all been done before. You and your special someone need to celebrate in a new way.

There are lots of great date ideas that scatter the nation and they don’t only offer exhilarating activities, but also provide clients with a memorable experience sure to keep them laughing and smiling for years to come.

  1. Flying Lessons – You’ve probably been in a plane before, but have you really touched the clouds? Have you ever been behind the wheel of a flying machine? Well, you can be. Flying lessons allow clients to learn to operate a number of different flying vehicles – from aeroplane flying lessons to helicopter flying lessons, the choices are endless. If you want to feel like a professional the likes of Amelia Earhart, then you can take on a vintage flier to give you that old, classic, airplane feel. Flying lessons are guided by professional fliers, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Use this experience to view the world from a different angle also. The views you will see from up in the air will blow your mind compared to seeing them at ground level. So use this as a site seeing adventure also.

  2. Driving Experience – We all know what it feels like to drive a car – we do it almost every day. But have you ever driven a luxury sports car? Very few of us will ever have the chance to sit behind the wheel of an expensive car, but driving experiences can make that a possibility. Choose your vehicle from a wide selection of available cars and make your way through challenging courses at top speed! Or just use this as a posing experience and get them pictures taken to show all your family and friends..

  3. Falconry – This is something you only see in survival movies and documentaries, but you and your beau can take part in this wild experience at an affordable cost. Falconry experiences allow participants to hunt for wild quarry in their natural state with nothing more than a bird of prey as their main weapon. Talk about wild! Holding these birds of prey can be magical. You will see them fly around and then land back on your hand at your call. This experience is overseen by a professional so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Falconers provide only trained birds that guarantee success each and every time.

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