Getting an athletic body – Workouts for Men and Women

Which one of us doesn’t want an athletic looking body?  It is possible to develop power, quickness, agility and speed – all the things associated with an athlete.  With the right training and perseverance, it is just a matter of time before one can have an athletic build.

Top exercises for an athletic build:

Most of the exercises mentioned below are compound exercises – they exercise different muscle groups at the same time.

  1. Power lifting: Lifting free weights is a good way to use many muscle groups: calf muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, spinal and gluteal muscles, upper body and core muscles as well. This kind of lifting has to be developed gradually.
  2. Squats: These exercises are essential for lower body strength. Squats target core muscles, the lower back, glues and thighs.  Do these often to get strong legs.
  3. Bench Press: This works out the upper body – the chest, triceps, shoulders and ab muscles are engaged for power and stability. Whether it is with free weights or a barbell, incorporate this into a regimen.
  4. Sprints: Sprinting helps not only to burn calories but lets a person develop speed.  Speed in a major asset in many sports like basketball, tennis and even football.
  5. Core training: To get a strong core like most athletes, do leg raises, plank exercises for the sides and abs as well as crunches.
  6. Chin Ups: These are quite commonly done by athletes so that they get a good shape. Hanging from monkey bars, pull yourself up till your chin touches the bar.
  7. Shoulder press: Many sports require athletes to have strong shoulders.  Shoulder presses work out the deltoid muscles, triceps, trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles in the back.
  8. Close grip bench press: This is done to help the triceps get stronger.
  9. Lunges: Lunges help to develop strong quad, hip and gluteal muscles. Doing lunges will also help with developing a nice butt.

Other Important tips:

The exercise routine above works well to get both men and women looking lean and athletic.  Women don’t need to work do as much with weights to get lean – unless they want to bulk up.  Here are a few more ideas on how one can slim down and get a lean, athletic body.

Increase protein and good fats:  Protein helps to build muscle mass and maintain it too.  More muscle = a higher metabolism.  As far as fats go, get as many good fats into the diet as possible.  Avocados, fish and tropical oils are all good for health.  All foods in balance will help a person to have the best possible body and good health.

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