What To Ask During First Meeting To Your Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Are you accused of some kind of crime? Well, in that case, your need to search for someone that has knowledge regarding the legal laws and will be able to represent you in the best manner. All kinds of lawyers will not be able to handle all kinds of cases. It is quite obvious that you would not like to hire anyone that would not be able to handle the case. In such situation, you will require hiring a criminal defence lawyer. However, before hiring a criminal best lawyer like Jeffrey Law Toronto it is crucial for you to know some things regarding home prior to hiring.

  • The very first thing you need to ask your Toronto criminal defense lawyer is regarding the experience they have in the field. It is crucial for you to know from how long the lawyer is practicing criminal law of the state you belong to. You also need to ask if he is practicing on different aspects of the law.
  • Another question that you need to ask is the number of cases the lawyer has defended. Also, ask the amount of cases that goes for the trail. Along with this, make sure that you ask the number of cases the lawyer has to settle with the plea bargain.
  • You need to ask about the connection and acquaintance with the judges and prosecutors. When the lawyer has good connections with such people it can work out to your benefit.
  • Make sure that you ask about the cost charged by the defense lawyer. Only because you are paying high fees to the lawyer does not necessarily refer that you will get best services. It is crucial for you to have knowledge on how you will be charged. There are few lawyers that charge flat rates while other might charge on hourly basis. It is crucial for you to have an idea of all the charges that you will be charged. Always make sure that you hire the lawyer that is affordable to you.
  • While meeting the defense attorney first time, make sure that you carry all the documents related to your case along with you. This will help them for reviewing your case well and then ask about what is their opinion. At this point of time, they can tell you their weak and strong points of the case. Also, suggest strategy related to your case.
  • Also, make sure that you inquire about what will happen at all stages of the defense. At the time of discussing the case, try to know the way the lawyer will handle the case management. This will give you an idea about your case progress.

Hiring the best criminal defence lawyer is the best part of getting the best result for defense. In case you are actually very innocent about the accusations then you would like the lawyer that assists you to prove the same. In case when you are proved guilty you would like to hire the lawyer that can avail the proper sentence.

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