Understanding The Basics Of Performing A Bathroom Renovation


There are many homeowners that are looking into trying to update their existing bathrooms. Some of these homeowners may want to do it because of aesthetic reasons while others may want the renovation done due to functionality, accessibility, or even health hazards. Whatever the reason for the renovation, it is important that the proper steps be taken so that the renovation will be completed correctly, be up to building code, and will last the homeowner a long time.

Performing the Renovation

There are two ways that a homeowner can tackle a renovation –hiring a contractor or taking on the job themselves. Hiring a contractor takes most of the worry out of a renovation; however, it is important that a homeowner does as much research as possible about the contractor prior to hiring them so that they can make sure that they are licensed, insured, and bonded. This is a safety net for both the contractor and the homeowner. It is also a good idea to make sure that the lines of communications are left open so that a homeowner can inform the contractor of exactly what they want the renovation to look like, the price that they are willing to spend, and the deadline for the end of the project.If a homeowner has some do-it-yourself experience then they may be ready to tackle the job on their own. They need to make sure that they are following proper building codes, such as installing ground fault interrupter outlets to ensure adequate electrical safety, to minimize the chance of risk of property damage or bodily injury. One of the perks of a homeowner doing the renovation themselves is that they can pick, and install, their own unique bathroom accessories to give that personal touch to their bathrooms. These accessories can be anything from custom medicine cabinets and towel holders to custom crown molding and soap dishes. The homeowner is only limited by their imagination. Although renovating a bathroom is quite an undertaking, there are many resources online that can help to guide a homeowner into performing the renovation safely and on budget.


Bathroom renovations are a good way to add equity and personalization into a home. Many homeowners find that they can breathe new life into an old bathroom by performing minor renovations such as painting, installing new floor tiles, and replacing old and outdated accessories with new ones. If a homeowner takes the time to plan ahead before they start the renovation they will find that the process will go a lot smoother and that they can visualize the end product easier than if they were to start the project without a plan.

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