A Guide To Choose Wedding Marquees According To Wedding Themes

A Guide To Choose Wedding Marquees According To Wedding Themes

Wedding marquees are essential for any big day which is set to take place at least partly outside. They offer essential covering and protection against the unpredictable elements of British weather, be it sunshine, rain, sleet or snow!

Marquees are a place to sit guests down to dine and even to dance the night away, also allowing for a larger guest list than indoor venues may be able to let you have. However, most brides- and grooms-to-be think that there are no choices when it comes to marquees, but in fact there are a number of options out there including modern, traditional and luxury marquees. Whether you are going rustic, modern, traditional or vintage, the right marquee can help create the perfect setting.

Modern Wedding Themes

For contemporary, modern themes, a modern marquee is the obvious answer. These marquees are often typified by cleaner lines than traditional marquees, and are more adaptable too. The beauty of modern marquees is that they can be joined together to make a bigger space, and can be placed at right angles or in a line depending on the space available. Modern marquees can come with large windows down the sides, which allow in more light during the day and ensure that guests can enjoy the views. Modern marquees are ideal for modern settings such as contemporary hotels or civil buildings, some of the most popular marquee wedding venues in Essex.

Vintage or Traditional Weddings

Classically styled or vintage inspired weddings are ideally suited to traditional marquees. These timeless options often feature a central pole for a ‘big top’ effect. In fact, a traditional white or cream marquee also looks wonderful at a bohemian or nature inspired wedding. The use of coconut matting can help create a brilliant shabby chic inspired setting for rustic weddings.

If your nuptials are planned for a historic county or manor home like many of the marquee wedding venues in Essex, then you will find that a traditional marquee offsets the venue perfectly.

Glamorous Luxury Weddings

If you are going all out for an ultra glamorous, sumptuous wedding, then a luxury marquee is the right choice for you. Luxury marquees are also perfect for vintage inspired weddings, whatever era you are going for. Luxury marquees can have a bar, a dance floor and even toilets fitted inside or adjoining. Luxury marquees also have a larger range of lighting and décor options than traditional or modern ones, including specially decorated doorways.

Whichever marquee you choose, it’s easy to make it work even better for your theme with the right décor. Marquee companies can often help with this, as they have experience of knowing what looks good as well as the right contacts to make it happen. In fact, a good marquee company will also be able to provide furniture and generators for the event.

Choosing the right marquee is up there with choosing the right venue, and when both come together perfectly, it will help create the most perfect setting for your special day.

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