Copywriting – The Most Efficient Salesman For Your Business

Ever wondered who writes on the brochures, catalogs, advertisements on billboards, advertisements on websites? This is the work of copywriters. They write content for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The sole purpose of copywriting is to create a brand awareness and brand following.

Copywriting is the highest paid freelance writing job in the content marketplace. Usually in the yesteryears copywriters were employed within the organization, or employed in advertising or marketing agencies. However, with the omnipresence of the Internet, copywriting has extended to web advertisements, email, blogs, etc. As the Indian market establishes many start-up businesses, online writing jobs are flooded with offers for copywriting. Content providers are flocking towards copywriting and making lots of money. Content writers in India stand a chance to flourish in the coming future with the gamut of start-ups and established corporate houses resorting to Internet advertising and marketing. The ads we see in the pop-up box while surfing the internet is copywriting, articles with keywords and which are search engine optimized SEO is copywriting, emails which we usually see in our spam folder advertising products is also copywriting.

Copywriting requires creativity, but the creativity of the content providers should be customized according to the requirements of the client. There lies the catch. Copywriting requires editing over and over again as per the specific requirements of the client. Nevertheless, considering the pay package and the lucrative quotient related to copywriting, it is one of the most sought after online writing jobs in the content writing marketplace.

Copywriting differs from content writing. Content writing services aims to write for the online audience and attract them and ensure their allegiance to the particular website. However, copywriting involves writing for the sole purpose of advertising and promoting the product to the prospective customers and create a brand following. Copywriting directly contributes to the business of the product or service. Copywriting includes content writing in a specialized form, but content writing does not necessarily imply copywriting, and hence the words should not be used interchangeably. Content service providers and even freelance writing jobs sometimes use these words interchangeably, but the same should be avoided by the content writers.

Freshers in the content marketplace with a knack in writing good advertising copy and with the capability to think out-of-the-box can look for online writing jobs specifically in the copywriting genre by signing up for free with provides copywriting opportunities to freshers as well as seasoned copywriters. is a content marketplace for the freelance content writers and the buyers of content. It provides a platform for the fresher to showcase his copywriting skills. Clients intending to employ content writers in India and use content writing services can sign up with

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