The Efficiency Of Saliva Drug Test

Ever heard of Saliva drug testing? Sure you don’t. But for those job applicants for a certain position in a company or simply applying for a construction worker and company taxi driver, saliva drug testing is a must. Drug testing has become mandatory requirement in any kind of workplace for the reason that all workforces to be hired should be drug-free. Aside from saliva drug test, there are urine, blood and hair drug sample.But the saliva is more effective in detecting drugs in the system after the urine drug testfound out to have slower processing of detection that could take four hours to reveal results.

Knowing the Efficiency

Saliva drug testing is one of the main options of employers for a drug test simply because:

  • The testing can be done directly at the workplace rather doing test in some laboratory testing centers.
  • The result is quicker than any kind of drug test and thus the waiting time will lessen drastically.

Medical technologists have also claimed for its efficiency. This could be proven in some instances when a person who into testing and was “high” seventy two hours before, the result is still accurate and can still detect positive result of the test.

This oral juice samples are analyzed initially through the use of ELISA (enzyme-linked Immunoassay technology). This method is proven to be effective for screening of drug test shown for opiates, cocaine and methamphetamine or meth crystals of about sixty percent.

The Efficiency Of Saliva Drug Test

Facts About Saliva Drug Test

Saliva has the ability to keep traces of drugs and their metabolites’ for a period of 3 days. The test kit for it comes in many shapes and forms. It helps draw saliva through a membrane and allows the strips to wet by saliva. The strips contain media of antigen dyes that act as man indicator. If the strips will have formation of colors, it indicates as positive. For each drug in question has particular color.

The Saliva drug test can detect the following drugs with time detection for each.

Alcohol- from time of intake up to twelve hours

Ecstasy and Meth Crystals- half an hour after ingestion -to three days

PCP- from few minutes to 3 days after ingestion

Amphetamines- few minutes to 3 days after ingestion

Barbiturates and Opiates- few minutes after days of consumption

Cocaine- few minutes to one day after intake

Cannabis – few minutes up to one day of ingestion

At the end, you still want a healthy life o better stop using hard and get the job clean.

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