5 Simple Ways To Break Bad Eating Habits

5 Simple Ways To Break Bad Eating Habits

Managing and know how to face obstacles such as lack of time, social events or eating habits ingrained since childhood, it is often what really provides the basis for a real and lasting change in our food.

And, often know what to eat is not enough to bring good nutrition. In fact, many people know what to eat more vegetables and fruits, you have to prioritize not precooked, fried and other foods … but I just do not. There is a lot of information about what to eat and what to avoid, but focus on eating patterns is equally or more important. By this we mean that we should not only take into count what we eat but how / when / why they eat.

So today we will propose 5 simple ways to break bad eating habits:

Organize the Pantry and Make a Purchase without Hunger

Start by clearing the closet processed and junk food. When refrigerator and pantry are empty of these foods, it’s time to go to fill them with real food. But the time to go grocery shopping is also important, because depending on the hunger we have when we can fill the shopping cart of some product or other. Go on a full stomach favor that we are not tempted to go through the hall cakes, fries and the like.

Make Small Dietary Changes

In order to incorporate progressive changes in diet, try to change those unhealthy options more healthy alternatives. For example, instead of taking a candy between meals chooses some nuts; the meal instead of chips, choose vegetable garnish; instead of drinking a sugary juice chooses a piece of whole fruit. Be creative, there are healthier options for almost everything.

Eat Consciously

We sat in front of the television without realizing it, that bag of chips or popcorn has vanished. Sit at the table without viewing the TV, chew food more times or even leave the cutlery on the table to each portion to relocate us to the mouth will encourage us to eat more slowly, aware of what actually eat and making that we end up eating less.

Use Smaller Plates

Use slightly smaller dishes makes for filling have to incorporate smaller portions of food. In addition, it is appreciated visually see a little more than a large one almost empty plate full.

Write Down what you Eat

Keep a record of everything you eat will make us more aware of what we eat. And, many people are surprised to rethink everything they eat and are amazed to see that the food they thought unwise occasionally take are almost part of the day (or vice versa, healthy foods that take assiduously believed only appear occasionally).

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