Gopro: Your Videos Could Soon Start Earning At Least $ 1,000

Gopro: Your Videos Could Soon Start Earning At Least $ 1,000

The US giant GoPro has announced the launch of a new video licensing program to sell their videos to the highest bidder. That lets content creators license videos to brands and media companies. Both the buyer and seller must apply for access. Your videos are worth a visit, then you could easily hit the jackpot. The service will offer various search criteria (origin of content, video format, duration…) And the categories to browse videos by topic (animals, adventure, music, etc.). It will also be possible to search  by an athlete’s name.

For now, the registration does not yet allow to discover the different sections of the site (it must indeed be approved by GoPro, wishing for now restrict access to a limited number of users). However, some illustrative images published by the American company give a first glimpse of what will offer the platform.

This portal offers exactly the same as Getty Images, but for videos. It was therefore designed as a matchmaking platform between producers and communications agency’.

GoPro will Validate Your Registration

This portal launched this week allows you to affix a license for your content, they concern areas of sport, music, extreme or animal. At least, it is a non-definitive overview provided by the brand because at the moment, once enrolled, portal access is still restricted to a very limited number. To access the portal, so you must register by completing a form. There, your application will be reviewed. If you are accepted, you will have access to 600 videos starting at $ 1000. Needless to say, they have an impact on the sale price of videos.

Behind, it has also set up several different licenses to paste up to market needs. By cons, GoPro specifies that a visible digital watermarking system of the image will be available to “ensure that the use of pre-licensed content is secured.” This is a new stream of revenue for GoPro ‘s effort, and it seems. This new effort may prove successful, as the brand’s popularity. In short, the arrival of this portal is not really a surprise.

GoPro seems to focus on the quality of videos, it will accept on its portal that video in good quality, with real work. After all, in the words of the creator of Pixar, the GoPro is the future of cinema. The video advertisement industry just got a whole lot more awesome.

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