Industrial Dehumidifiers: Opt To Buy Or Save With A Rental

Industrial dehumidifiers are used in various situations. Since they can be used differently, there are different types available. In the most general way, they are used to remove water and humidity from areas that are being damaged due to moisture. The industrial dehumidifier can be used long term to protect assets or it can be used to recover from a flood. Either way, there are several factors to consider when deciding on the best type of industrial dehumidifier to use. Deciding on the factors involved, can determine whether you will need to buy one or whether you can just rent one to fix the problem. If you decide that you can rent a dehumidifier, services like those at Lemarg Rental can assist you in correcting your moisture problem.

Which Type of Dehumidifier is Right for You?

If you find yourself in a situation where your business has experienced a natural disaster or a flood, a dehumidifier with an integrated pump that continues to drain water will be very beneficial. Some dehumidifiers can cover an area of 10,000 square feet and others can go up to as much as 20,000 cubic feet. The fact that different dehumidifiers are needed for different situations means that there are many to choose from. The difference in them tends to revolve around the way they clean the moisture out of the area.


One type is called a desiccant and this type of dehumidifier uses an absorbing material to soak up the humidity. The good thing about this type is that the material can often be reused by heating it up to get rid of everything it has absorbed. Another good thing about this type of dehumidifier is that it doesn’t have a compressor and it is quieter than most. This type can work in very cold areas and can even work successfully in temperatures that go four degrees below zero.


Another type of dehumidifier uses a condensate pump. The difference with this type is that a cold element, like a refrigerator coil to attract the moisture. It is then reheated and released, no longer containing humidity. Some types of dehumidifiers work better in cold environments while others will not do good job in a cold setting. This type is one that will not work in very cold areas, as it uses the cold to attract the moisture.

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether one type of dehumidifier is more appropriate than the other. How much space will need to be treated, what type of environment will the work be done, and even how much water or moisture is involved? When dealing with a large amount of water however, it may be most beneficial to rent a dehumidifier, as the process will only need to be performed once. The advantage of having a rental means that you will not have to spend the sometimes costly price of buying one. Also, many places you contact for a rental will have a professional service that can perform the daunting task of removing the large amount of water that is destroying your business.

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