Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With Amazing Dynamic Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the next device on which Samsung is going to bet his future for whole year, yes the 2014 was not that great for Samsung and the beginning of 2015 with S6 lacks taste, and now everything is set for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

At the moment, there are so many things that have been revealed about Note 5, for example 16MP camera. But this is not the same sensor, which was present in the Galaxy S6. If you remember, the Zoom of 8x in the S6 camera specs, have your pass, on the basis that for us to work with digital zoom levels above 2X seems to make noise unnecessarily photo. It is better to cut the photo and then to expand fictitiously. In general, always within the automatic mode, the HDR (High Dynamic Range or High Dynamic Range) seems a complete success. Our experience is that fixed mode or yes we will always HDR because it performs best shots no Auto mode, which in turn always exceeds any shots without HDR. We do not just force it takes on a rainy day but went a little further and did the same on the same day at night without flash. So, S6 performance really good, but our question is still limited to the future device the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

If we turn to manual mode, which is, still a choice in S6. The operating modes are a success and the filters and others. But where it is worth it to stop it is in manual focus that certainly is something that very few phones can have. It is true that should have more range in the near approach because only in the long focus area is where many differences with what is an autofocus, but it is to decide where and how to focus better appreciated. Off-topic approach must emphasize how little it affects the ISO level shots from the point of view of the grain, something always optimal. Do not forget that start from 100-800 that is not bad and testing we have done is clear that is not so much as you might expect in making the point. Better range could definitely improve the camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

When taking pictures with different measurement systems in manual mode we were with the weighted center. It seems to work slightly well than the best parent and timely mathematical questions. Said that everyone knows that the point may be the best of all but be true destination when telling the camera how the scene should be measured so that the color balance is the successful and not be deceived by any of the light sources come in. Still further improvements may make the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a verdict for sure.

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