Organize Your Refrigerator With These Tips

The routine today leaves no time for anything, sometimes not for cooking. Both young executives, such as students, single mothers and families with children find in refrigerators or freezers to their best allies to keep food fresh longer. However, knowing how to store food in the refrigerator has its secrets.

Do not spend your oranges will rot or milk smells funny? That’s because you do not know the best tips to organize the refrigerator, putting everything in the right place. Right away I tell you everything!

What to put in each of the Refrigerator?

Although no one told you, in every place there is a different fridge cold that is, it does not cool at all sides equally. In the upper shelves are leftovers, drinks and ready-to-eat products, such as sausages, cheese or yogurt, while on the lower shelves you will put the raw material for cooking your meals.

The door is the warmest part of the fridge, so there just have to put the condiments. Forget to put there eggs or milk. Drawers below are designed to keep products at specific humidity, so there are going fruits, vegetables and meat.

Do not forget the issue of cross-contamination, therefore, the meat must be separated from the rest, in a different drawer or in a plastic bucket.

Put each thing in its Place

Need more specific advice? Here you go: The spices are well on the door, as well as butter, pasteurized orange juice and soft cheeses. Olive oil and vegetables do not go in the fridge, but the nut oils, also on the doorstep.

The fruits belong to low humidity drawer, citrus can go without purse, but others should remain in their original container or plastic bag attached slightly. Extra tip: leave unwashed fruit, water can cause rot faster.

Vegetables are best kept in high humidity drawer. Make remain packaged or traded.

Raw meats should be in the lower colder shelf. Even if they are below must not drip its juices, be careful with that.

The milk has to go at the bottom, where the cold is more intense. The eggs need a constant temperature, so they must be on the middle shelf in its original packaging, containers do not use the refrigerator.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your food stays fresh and ready for your consumption and your family. Avoid at all costs the bacteria attack your refrigerator.

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