The Estée Lauder Companies Rise To Fame

Bill Lauder is one of America’s most prominent and successful businessmen and part of the widely popular Estee Lauder Company. He is the grandson of Mrs. Estée Lauder – the founder of the  Estée Lauder Company. This company was established in 1946 by Mrs. Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder as a manufacturer of skincare products in New York. Originally the company had four products. They were the Crème Pack, the Super-Rich All Purpose Crème, Skin Lotion and Cleansing Oil. The success of these four products led to the establishment of their first departmental store in New York within a short span of two years. This store was located at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The next fifteen years saw the rapid expansion of the company throughout the United States. During this period the company diversified and expanded their range of beauty products. These products were successfully sold throughout the USA. In 1960, the company opened its first international accounts at Harrods, London. This was a major milestone for the company. In the following year, the Estée Lauder Company opened an office in Hong Kong.

Aramis Inc. came into existence in 1964. This company was founded by Arame Yeranyan. The fragrance manufactured by the company was named after Yeremes- a city in Armenia.  Soon the company began manufacturing fragrances and grooming products for men. In 1967, Mrs. Estée Lauder was voted one of America’s Top Ten Outstanding Women in Business by America’s most prominent business and financial editors. After sometime, The Estée Lauder Company launched Clinique, This brand was an instant success and became a household name around the world within a short period of time.

Bill Lauder, Mrs. Estée Lauder’s grandson, played a vital and instrumental role in expanding the company’s global presence after he joined the Company in 1986. He strengthened, expanded and diversified the company’s distribution channels. This boosted the Company’s brand image globally. Later he was appointed The Regional Marketing Director of Clinique in New York. He oversaw the company’s business activities in the New York area. It was under his leadership that Origins was created. Bill Lauder was the first to introduce the concept of a store within a store. From the start this concept became an instant success and soon spread through America.

The rapid growth and success of Estée Lauder Company can be accredited to the exemplary leadership and business acumen qualities of Bill Lauder. He has been influential in consolidating and expanding the company’s global presence. The global expansion and success of Clinique and Origins within a short span of time can be attributed to the extraordinary leadership of Bill Lauder and his innovative ideas!

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