5 Reasons To Try Something New In Vacations Before The Summer Ends

Take a walk through your local store and you’ll notice the heavy presence of school supplies and clothing. It means one thing — summer is nearly over, and you have yet to enjoy a relaxing or adventurous vacation by yourself or with your family.

Good news is it isn’t too late to stop the mail, get someone to feed the pets, and head out on a journey. And there’s more good news, because you can try something new on a trip, regardless if it’s within your home state or several hundred miles away. Here are five reasons why trying something new on vacation is a must.

1. Quieting of Elements

Save for hurricanes, things tend to quiet down as the end of summer approaches. This also includes rapids used for those interested in white water rafting. With much of the mountain waters now through tributaries, the more dangerous rapids have eased a bit, and this makes for a better time if you or your family are first-timers in this type of adventure.

2. Lessening of Crowds

Not everyone starts school at the same time. Some may start at the beginning of August while others don’t start until after Labor Day. Nevertheless, as the weeks pass the crowds thin out at popular locations. This is particularly true at popular sites for whitewater tours. This gives vacationers a more intimate experience with guides who spend every day travelling down the rapids.

3. Reduction of Costs

Tour companies and tourist destinations want to get the most out of vacationers before the season ends, and that’s why you may start seeing deep discounts for new locations you have always wanted to travel to. This is particularly true for adventure tours as they begin to lose some of their personnel to school and shift into a fall-based program. Travel websites such as this one provide information on these types of adventures and the estimated incurred costs for you when you decide on a new destination for vacation.

4. More Rooms available

Did you want to travel and stay at a new national park this summer but couldn’t get a room due to constant unavailability?  If you can edit this sentence to go from: Well, booking a room at one of these new vacation spots before the summer ends can not only get you the accommodations you want but also the price you can afford.  You can even get deals on luxury Hawaiian Beach Rentals, making a trip to Hawaii reasonably priced. Granted, some of the extra activities may be reduced; however, they may not matter if you’re interest is seeing something new.

5. Variety is the … well, you know

Sure, it’s great that you’re familiar with a vacation spot you travel to each year. You and your family may be there so much that the locals recognize you. Yet, you may eventually get tired of the same attractions and restaurants. This is why you should expand your horizons and try a new vacation before the summer ends. Whether it be whitewater rafting, hiking, or urban touring around a city you’ve never been to, this type of variety can energize you to the point of trying a new vacation each year.

This article was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.

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