Easy Tips For Improving Cold Calls To Pump Up The Sales

Every entrepreneur in this competitive business environment is looking forward for new ways to increase business revenues and reach the pinnacle of success. It is quite true that digital disruption has completely changed the marketing approach, but cold calling is still holding the same position when it comes to generating leads.

According to various studies, many marketing leaders have the two questions in their mind in context to sales lead generation.

  • How can I generate more quality leads?
  • How to convert prospective leads into customers?

In order to address these questions effectively, every marketer should have to move towards a well-planned strategy that works. Unlike other ways, cold calling service is one of the most important techniques to outreach wide audience.

A study conducted by Marketing Sherpa has been showcased that 92% of b2b buyers are open to cold calls if the sales person is relevant.

To ensure utmost success, cold calling needs to be the part of holistic lead generation technique.  Performing cold calling to potential prospects can be very frustrating and difficult task. Whether telesales executives are doing it in person or using phone, it is their job to please the prospective customer with warm greetings.

Here are some easy ways that telemarketers can follow to improve cold calling and generate a great number of business sales leads:

Plan ahead: Before making any call, it is important to know about the target audience. Next thing is when to make calls so that prospects can be converted easily. So, devising a strategy before will help marketers to reach a wide audience. While making cold calls, telesales executives make sure that they call prospects in a particular time frame. For example- schedule a meeting in person to discuss client’s requirement in details according to their suitable time. Note that cold calling and sales, should be personal and engaging.

Investigate before making a call: It may seem a hectic task to telemarketers, but doing a research on the person that they are about to call will make a huge difference. This is as simple as doing a Google search on the company or looking up the prospect on LinkedIn. If the Google search on a prospect doesn’t reveal that much result that is expected, turning to exclusive tools will help marketers to find more details about their target customers. In optimal lead generation call centre, marketers employ intelligent tools to capture important information about their customers.

Seek out a personal touch: Getting a personal touch is very important to build a strong relationship with customers. Telemarketers should try to discover a personal connection with prospects. This can be achieved by knowing their interests. From this, customers feel like they are being taken care by the marketing professionals.

Gain information before transfer: Telemarketers should have to ask lots of questions during the cold calling rather than immediately try to sell products or services to the customers. Two important things that every leading marketer should follow: eliminate the fear of failure and rejection from cold calling. Find out what a prospect need first. It will help telemarketers to effectively tailor their pitch that delivers results. One simple thing to remember is “People don’t care about who are you”– all they care about is what a person on the other phone side can do for them.

Maintain records: In lead generation services, it is important to keep records of what audience you have covered. How many numbers have picked up the calls and how many of these calls resulted into lucrative opportunity. Measuring progress will help company to gain competitive advantage. It is true that a cold call might not result in an immediate sale, however, it gives something positive even if it is just more information about the client or customer. Maintain a record of all these information because it might prove useful if there is an opportunity for a follow-up.

Use referrals in voice mail message: In order to increase the chances of getting a customer call back, telemarketers should try to discover a common link or referral that could be mentioned in the voice mail message. This is one of the best ways to increase the business sales leads.

Follow these aforementioned easy tips to pump up the sales and revenue through cold calling.

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