How Bulk Drugs Complete The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Bulk Drugs Complete The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry in India is categorized into two segments- bulk drugs and formulation. Bulk drugs are the APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients with medicinal properties, which are used by the researchers to create formulations.

Bulk Drugs

The manufacturers in Indian pharmaceutical industry develop about 400 bulk drugs for several therapeutic segments. There are certain points that have resulted in incoming of export orders from both developed and developing markets-

  • Increased competitive costing of Indian producers
  • Approval of manufacturing facilities by international regulatory authorities

Although, formulation still account for a bulk share of the overall pharmaceutical production in the terms of value, the proportionate share of bulk drugs has enhanced. The reason behind the rising exports was the demand of the Indian drugs in overseas. Rising exports have been the key source of growth in total bulk drug production.


Formulations are the end-products made by the drug manufacturers during the process. Formulation can take the form of several things like-

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Injectables

These formulations can be administered directly to patients. The production of formulation in India has been raised by 17%, whereas the export of formulations from India is raised by 29% (1991-2000).

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is highly fragmented with zero player, controlling over 7% of the total retail formulations market. This is just like the worldwide position where no company has over 7% market share.

Since certain pharma companies widening their product portfolio to make a long list for their products in the segments related to lifestyle, their market shares are now increased.

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the part of active drug. Some drugs, such as combination therapies, have several active ingredients for treatment of different diseases. While production of APIs is conventionally done by the pharma companies in their home countries, today, there are companies who have done outsourcing of pharma drugs to cut their costs. This has transformed the regulation policies and guidelines of the market.

There are some strengths of APIs. Manufacturers apply specific standards to decide how strong the API is in each drug. However, this standard can be differently used for another brand.

Bulk Drugs Formulations Manufacturers India

The pharmaceutical company in india which includes the manufacturers of bulk drugs and the formulations has seen a incredible growth recently. This is linked to an improving requirement for effective cost medication in the household as well as trade industry.  The Indian pharmaceutical industry of india has become a strong competitor in the worldwide markets due to adopting of GMP ( Good Manufacturing Methods ) and also WHO Good Manufacturing Methods standards as decided by the World Health Trust for manufacture of many dosage types. Bulk drugs dropping into main healing groups which require complicated production procedures are manufactured in India today.

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