Rudraksha: Much More Than Just A Bead

Rudraksha: Much More Than Just A Bead

Do you believe in Karmas and change of fortunes? Well, as per Hinduism, all the sufferings of the world and troubles given by life are only the result of your Karmas. However, there are some options that can help you out to avoid the negative effects of such Karmas as the blessings of God can help you. There are some beads and precious stones that can help you to change your fortune. One of such leading option is wearing a bead that is known as Rudraksha. Among the devotees of Lord Shiva who is also famous as Rudra, the Rudraksha is considered as an Eye of Lord that can bless the wearer. There are different sorts of beads of Rudraksha in the market.

The Bead:

The Rudraksha is a dried fruit usually found in the Southeastern Asian countries and Nepal. The fruit grows on a tree, and one can see different types of Rudraksha on a single tree. The bead can be identified with the help of lines on its face, which is easily visible and one can count them to know the type of the bead. There is one to twenty-one faces Rudraksha in the market. Each of these Rudraksha has different effects on the wearer. Different Rudraksha is blessed by different God and hence the effects of the same also differ. The Three face Rudraksha has three lines on it. There are round and oval shapes in which these beads are available.

The Benefits:

The three face Rudraksha is much famous among the devotees. This bead is ruled by the God Agnidev and ruled by the planet Sun. Hence this Rudraksha can help one get the past karmas and sins burnt and make the soul pious. Those who want to attain a higher level in the field of spirituality can wear this bead in the form of a pendant or a bracelet as well as a necklace. The three faces on this bead also resemble the trinity that is Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh and hence the wearer can have all the facilities of life if the gods bless him.

These beads also have tremendous healing properties, and therefore they are useful to cure a number of diseases also. It helps one to get cured of the illnesses of the stomach as well as liver. The wearer of this bead can also get relief from acidity and other ailments related to the digestive system. The bead is usually easily available in the market, but still one need to buy it from a store that can offer quality certificate and guarantee its authenticity. For the buyer, it is necessary to check the quality of the bead as a fake bead cannot offer the desired results which are expected.

There are many experts who can help one to get the original beads, and even one can find genuine stores on the online platform from where buying an original Rudraksha is easy and safe. Those who want to attain the next level in the spirituality or want to attain Moksha, this is the most helpful bead.

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