Lost Your Chrysler Car Keys In Greenwich, What To Do Now?

Lost your car keys? Don’t be panic it happens to everyone sometimes. You need to stay calm and then start searching for the same. It can be found after searching for some times. Try to recall the places you recently been check their twice, but what if you really cannot locate your keys?

If you have a spare key, you can easily use it and later visit a company certified locksmith and replicate the key. However, a new key made is not cheap. Depending on the type of car you can pay 80 to 500 Euros.

Lost Your Chrysler Car Keys In Greenwich, What To Do Now?

Car keys are so expensive nowadays because each key has an immobilizer. This built-in chip makes the car started only with the original keys of the car; the system is programmed in this manner only.

Therefore a thief cannot be able to steal your car with a forged key. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive to create a new smart key with inbuilt immobilizer.

However, if you have no spare key or it’s not handy? Then you have two options:

Call your dealer! There will be a service engineer that opens the car with special computer equipment and a new will be delivered to you soon.

But by that time how will you manage? Not to worry if you are in Greenwich you can any time call for Chrysler key replacement Greenwich

As mentioned, a new car key made quite pricey. It is fine if your insurer will reimburse. You can only receive compensation if you have insurance. But not every insurer offers a fee for letting reprints of a car key in case of loss. Look at the terms of your insurance company which will reimburse them.

In addition, if your insurer will reimburse it, you pay a deductible and the damage at the expense of your no-claims discount. In many cases, so it pays not to claim the new car key in your car insurance.

Car Key Stolen and the Insurance

An exception is a stolen car key. In that case replacement of key along with replacement of lock is recommended by the dealers. Usually, the insurer undertakes to this a maximum of 500 Euros. You do pay a deductible, but the claim does not go to the expense theft of your claim years and your no-claims discount.

It is highly recommended that you should always report about your stolen keys to the police also ask Chrysler Key replacement Greenwich service provider directly to program the stolen key, so that later thief cannot steal your car with old programmed key.

NOTE: Some car insurance companies require you to also replace the lock with theft of the key, so the thief no later still can steal your car. You do not replace the lock, then the car from that point no longer insured for theft. Your insurer or agent can tell you whether you need to replace your lock. In most cases, the insurer will reimburse this.

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