10 Popular Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers In India

India is teeming with Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers. There is stiff competition in the Industry where each offers fine structural and design elements to help deliver results. Given here are some of the popular Industrial cooling tower manufacturers in India to help you make your choice.


Paltech started its journey in 1986 as a small Industrial cooling tower manufacturer in India. However, the zeal and drive for excellence displayed by its founders helped to catapult Paltech to the leading position in the Industrial cooling tower manufacturing industry. With the growing demands the company enhanced its product portfolio and today offers its clients water treatment systems and chilling plants in addition to cooling towers. Based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, Paltech has branch offices in various parts of the country, namely, Chennai, Mumbai, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Haridwar. The organization also has strategic branches in various international locations.

United Cooling Systems

Conceived and established in 1980, United Cooling systems have created a name for themselves in being the one-stop shop for all cooling solutions. The company designs and manufactures cooling towers, Oil Coolers, heat exchangers, Domestic water softeners and Compressed air driers. They cater to a wide cross section of Industries namely Foundries, Refineries, Sugar manufacturers, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Refrigeration, Cements, and power plants.

Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited

Probably the first name that comes to every mind when Cooling tower manufacturers in India is mentioned is that of Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited. Paharpur has witnessed a long and arduous journey from its meagre beginnings of a lumber saw mill to its current avatar of one of the largest cooling tower manufacturer in India. The company has grown by virtue of its drive to innovate. The Research and Development centre continues to keep this drive alive and delivers innovative concepts that have been translated into industry standards. They cater to a vast array of industries, namely, electricity generation, chemical processing, air-conditioning and refrigeration, petroleum refining, steel, sugar manufacturing and many more. Paharpur is a legend in the domain of cooling tower manufacturers.

Southern Cooling Towers

With around 3 decades of expertise in the field of cooling tower manufacturing, Southern Cooling Towers is indeed a name to reckon with. It has been credited with leading the Industrial cooling tower manufacturer Industry on many fronts. It is the first ISO 9000 certified cooling tower manufacturer in India. It is also the first to have started an overseas unit in Thailand thereby becoming the first multinational cooling tower manufacturer in India. The company has surged forward in its quest for excellence in the cooling tower industry with its team of engineers and technocrats. The team has always ideated and innovated unique concepts to help cater to a wide cross-section of the Industry. They specialise in manufacturing, repairing and retrofitting and also enhance the capacity of cooling towers by supplying identical and interchangeable parts.

Classik Cooling Towers

Established in 2000, Classik Cooling towers is a comparatively new entrant in the Industrial Cooling Tower manufacturer in India forum. However, the company has scaled up fast owing to their zeal for employing in depth research and development to improve their competence. They deliver all kinds of cooling tower manufacturing services namely Designing, Processing, Supplying, Erecting and Testing. They also manufacture Counter Flow, Cross Flow, Evaporative Cooling Towers, Timber Cooling Towers, Dry Cooling Towers as well as Natural Draft Cooling Towers.

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