Why Are 3 Blades Fan Popular In India As Compared To 4 Blade Fan In Western Countries?

A ceiling fan adds to your comfort and the aesthetic of your home. If your home has wooden floors, a ceiling fan with wood accents will complement the interior decoration. Things that occur around us can be primarily divided into two classes. The first one that happens without any reason or rhyme, and the other that involves a reason but we never actually get down believing it. One such aspect to think about is the number of blades of a fan. At present you might have observed, fans are available in both 3 and 4 blades based on the place of their utility. In India, usually three blades fans are easily available.  But the fans with four blades, majorly used in the colder areas and the United States, are not just planned that way to look different. There’s a rationale behind it.

Everyone has seen a ceiling fan in their residence or workplace with three or four blades; it’s been a necessity in many houses and small offices since its discovery around the commencement of the 20th century. But in the decades ever since, there has been a tremendous transformation in the fan technology.

In Western countries like Canada, United States or Europe, the prime necessity for the ceiling fan is to supplement the air conditioner in hot-scorch summer. In winters, lots of these fans with a reversible knob, can be flipped to twirl the direction of the fan rotation in order to draw cold air from underneath areas and thus, warm air from the heater (generally positioned along the walls near to the base or with vents on the base) can pack the room below the fans. As a result, the ceiling fan keeps a mild air circulation in the room. Also, remember the height of ceilings, and that’s why the volume of rooms is relatively small in the homes of Western countries approximately 8 ft in height in comparison to 10 to 12 ft in South Asia. Fans with four blades move a huge mass of air.

In India, fans are mainly used as a separate electrical device producing a convective cooling effect. Fans here are lighter in weight and operate at a higher speed and are also energy efficient. The fans with 4 to 5 blades are slower in speed than the three blades ones and have three-speed settings. Moreover, the truth that they nearly always double up as a lighting fixture with one to three bulbs under the innermost core could be one of the rationales why they require being slow. As the speed is faster in the three blades one, it is most suitable for hot tropical countries like India where at the time the temperature can rise to 40-42 degrees. The main difference is in western countries they use these four blades fans as a complement to their Air-conditioners and spread the air but where as in India people use ceiling fans as one of the most important alliances in the room.

The fans that are of 3 blades have about 5-6 speed settings, are not made for running in opposite direction, and hardly light bulbs or chandeliers can be fixed in them. Brands who produce 3 blade fans in India are Havells Pacer, Atomberg, Usha Spin, and Hytec Maxima White, etc. Research has established that the utility of a ceiling fan with 3 blades will lower the temperature of a room by a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius and they also are the most efficient ones. So always choose maximum RPM and lowest power consumption devices.

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