Australia’s History Of Wine

Australia’s History Of Wine

When it comes to wine, Australia has been one of the countries which is most spoken of. As far as the history is concerned, along with the first settlers came the first batch of wine. The year is 1788, and since then, wine has been part of Australia culture.

Australia is probably the most famous for its red wines. These can be found almost everywhere in rich areas of Australia, and the most famous ones come from Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The weather and the soil in Australia is perfect for wine-growing industry, and wines from Coonawarra, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are the most specific ones, achieving some of the most incredible tastes and intensities. One of the world’s best wines is located in Yarra Valley. Yes, it is the Australia’s finest Pinot Noir, which is at the top with the Burgundy itself.

Semillon wines are also Australia’s hidden treasure, especially those from the New South Vales. These wines have a crispy taste, a unique aroma and intensity. But, the biggest attention is probably taken by South Australia’s gold, the 98 Penfolds 2008 Grange Shiraz. Being Australia’s most famous wine, this bottle has everything you ever expected. Huge fruits and a huge oak are combined in a full-bodied and texture-rich package which brings to the consumers tons of toasted coconut and embryonic vanilla and dark berries. The wine will be at its peak from 2020-2040, but that only means that the texture will be completely tight in that period. The price for this bottle of pleasure is around $850.

Another great wine is 94 Leeuwin Estate 2010 Art Series Chardonnay, from Margaret River. This wine earned its reputation, and then came the challenge to maintain it. Chardonnay itself is one of the Australia’s finest wines, but the Art Series from 2010 is something special. It entices aromas of woodsmoke and peach and finally pink grapefruit, which gives intensive taste and flavors of citrus. The wine is full bodied, yet with crispy ending. It is best served till 2020, and the cost for this wine is around $90. You can buy chardonnay at Jims Cellars for example, and get the best price for quality.  It is also important to notice that Australia chardonnay is extremely hard to come by outside the country, at least the real deal. Usually, vine cellars sell some junk that is labeled as chardonnay, but is in fact a cheap imitation of the wine, and it should be labeled as such. The real Chardonnay is grown in a bit colder climate, and kept in special conditions, which gives the tasty crispiness and the lingering taste of pure citrus. If you can find a vine cellar which sells that kind of Chardonnay, it is only logical to stick to it.

When speaking about Australia’s finest wines, we must not forget the riches of Clare and Eden Valleys, the all-around famous Riesling. They are considered among the best Rieslings in the world, due to their refreshing and bone-dry taste. Among the best are the “Portrait” Riesling, Peter Lehmann, Eden Valley (2011), and 92 Pewsey Vale 2007, The Contours Museum Reserve Riesling from Eden Valley. Rich in cinnamon and honey, this batch still has a crispy finish and saves its dryness. The wine itself parries all of the Rieslings in the world, and that is why most cellars in the United States hold only Australian Rieslings as their main representatives. In normal circumstances, one can get a bottle of this wine for around $25, but should be warned that the Museum Reserve Rieslings will soon skyrocket in price, since their time is limited. Rieslings are great refreshment, especially during a long summer day.

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