Kitchen Cleaning Tips For The Fridge, The Oven and The Stove

When it`s time for kitchen cleaning – a great idea is to begin with the most soiled objects and places. If these include the fridge, the oven and the stove in your kitchen, so let`s take a look at some quick and easy tips to achieve flawless results.

Defrost the fridge and the freezer for a couple of hours and dump out the water. Remove all the racks from the inner compartments and all the doors from the hinges. Soak all the removed parts in the kitchen sink or in a big bowl with hot water, dishwashing detergent and baking soda. This yet simple homemade solution works great on all the stains of dried grease or other kitchen grease without damaging the metal parts. Let them soak for another few hours and in the meantime let`s make another simple homemade detergent in another bowl or get yourself your favorite commercial detergent from the store. This time, apply a small amount of the detergent onto the interior surfaces of the fridge and the freezer, and clean with a clean cloth. Don`t forget to change the water in the bowl, as well as use only clean towels for a better cleansing effect, according to the degree of staining. Then, a clean towel damped in a small amount of lemon juice should play a major role for the final cleaning of the fridge, as well as spreads out a fresh aroma. Don`t forget to clean the sealing parts of the fridge and the freezer, and the outer part of the frame construction. The last step of the big kitchen cleaning of the fridge is to clean the coils. You can use the vacuuming machine if there is a lot of dirt and dust, as well as just brush the coils with a soft brush sprinkled by water.

When dealing with the oven, one can come across much less areas and parts for cleaning, but the degree of the stains is usually greater. The oven sees the most soiled spots from kitchen grease, ranging from tomato and BBQ sauce to butter and dark dried greasy spots. They all need some deep cleaning and a lot of hard rubbing. That`s why you should get yourself a very stiff brush or even a brush with metal fibers. Remove the racks and soak them in a bowl or in the kitchen sink for a couple minutes. Then, brush all the coils of the racks and the shelves of the oven, and finish by rubbing the cooling coils with a clean cloth. If you want to polish them – add a tiny amount of wax for metal parts to pop up the true metal shine of the oven racks. Next, clean the entire inner space of the oven by starting from the top and by continuing with the walls, and finishing with the bottom. Pay more attention to the lighting and ventilation parts, which might be more delicate to clean.

Some cleaning tips for the stove might also be useful. A BBQ pit should be maintained regularly, but right before adding new charcoals – don`t forget to remove the excess of the burned ones. Clean the grit with a cloth and use a simple homemade detergent of just alcohol or another alcohol drink and the juice of one lemon. This mixture helps to dissolve the dried grease, as well as spreads out a fresh scent for the next time when you use the BBQ. To clean a gas stove – use the same techniques and start with soaking the burner grit into a bowl with hot water, dishwashing detergent and baking soda. The longer it soaks, the easier the removal of the stains with brush or even with towels.

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