7 Foods To Drop Weight Fast!


Weight loss is a crusade to many people. Obesity or overweight is a disease that leads to certain difficulties later in life. The majority of the time it’s about how slim looking you are and you don’t want to be embarrassed by someone labeling you in public as ‘Fat’.

People who decide to lose weight want it done either by hook or by crook. No wonder. The secret lies in strict adherence to a diet routine. Let’s find out some foods that’ll help you lose weight.

1.      Green Tea

Well, it’s no secret that in order to burn that belly fat you need to exercise. But in addition to that, you will have to include sipping of green tea four to five cups a day. According to The Journal of Nutrition, in a study focused on those who sipped green tea with exercise over the course of two weeks were able to lose more weight.

The reason, it contains catechins – an antioxidant that prevents the piling up of fat and adds to rapid weight reduction.

2.      Almonds

Almonds act as weight-reduction pills. No, you won’t get it anywhere on a pharmacy and no it’s perfectly natural yet medicinal in nature. Overweight individuals are required to cut down their calorie intake and hence almonds quantity equivalent to that of a quarter cup can help you achieve that.

The above fact is evident from a study that included obese adults over the period of 24 weeks and those with consumption of almonds were observed to have experienced 62% weight reduction. The resulting BMI was also under optimal limits. Almonds are rich in amino acid L-arginine when coupled with a workout can burn that extra fat!

3.      Pistachios

Another from the ‘nut’ family, pistachio is a great source of low-calorie diet. It has been reported to result in reduced BMI and improved cholesterol + triglyceride levels.

4.      Avocado Oil

Do you know you can make that belly fat go away by up to 20%? Sounds like a cheap selling gimmick you would say, am I right? Researchers have stated that Avocado oil is known for its tendency to decrease those unwanted fats in contrast to those who consumed safflower flax seed oil. All you need are three tablespoons on a daily basis and voila!

5.     Legumes

Legume-induced foods are healthy plus those seeking to cut down on their weights can consume these limited calorie items. If you could incorporate four servings per weeks in your eating habits, researchers have concluded that it can greatly and effectively control your overweight problem.

Legumes, in other words, can enhance your “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and systolic BP. Increase intake of lentils, peas, beans to achieve desired results.

6.     Vitamin D-Fortified Yogurt

For even faster results complement your diet with a vitamin D and calcium intake found in yogurt. As per Nutrition Journal, these nutrients have helped people to double their weight loss. Yogurt can be taken at the start of your day and is sure to give you results in four weeks’ time. Don’t believe me, well what’s the harm in consuming yogurt anyway?

7.     Grapefruit

Just by eating half a grapefruit before your meals can increase the weight loss routine. It’s like a runner warming up before a run, stretching his muscles so as to avoid any spasms. Grapefruit packs fat reducing phytochemicals and hence, yield powerful results.

Word of caution: It is advisable to not include grapefruit in your diet if you’re on medication of some sort since grapefruit is found to have negative effects when it acts together with certain medicines. Other than that, feel free to employ grapefruit in breakfast and appetizer salads.

Here’s hoping that with this guide you can be successful in your campaign against the ill of obesity. Also, you achieve the body you had so dearly envisioned.

Author Bio: Kendall Jenner is dietician by profession and blogs about healthy eating habit on her Dissertation Help forum. She can be reached for a word via her Twitter handles.

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