West Coast Surf !!

What do you do when you’re in the midst of reinventing your home and you come across a brilliant image of a room that you can’t help but revisit over and over in your head? I happened to stumble upon one of those and I just couldn’t help but dig deeper into it. How can I make my bedroom look like that?

 It turns out this “West Coast Surf” image I’ve been obsessing over lives on Homesquare.com, a website that is dedicated to inspiring you with home furnishing and décor ideas. There are tons of fantastic room shots of all different styles. The best part? It actually shows you how to come as close to a particular look as possible. The website has a neat “Muzeboard” tool that allows you to toggle back and forth between the inspiration image and a board that features similar pieces to what’s in the image that you can buy to help you achieve the same look and feel.

West Coast Surf !!

West Coast Surf:  

Surf check! This “West Coast Surf” bedroom screams fusion to me. It fuses iconic nautical elements with the best of contemporary urban style. This bedroom prominently features the ever-so-popular soft tufted headboard bed as its centerpiece and just enough fun surfer accents to bring out an upscale, yet laid-back vibe.

 By contrasting different elements, this bedroom effortlessly combines the structure and order of a big metropolis with an easygoing lifestyle of surfer beaches. The furniture pieces boast bold rigid silhouettes, but are softened with soft upholstery. The formal royal blues are balanced with peachy navies and mellow yellows. Even the regal union jack is even offset by a purposely placed palm tree accent.

Bringing together these radically different worlds appeal to both the need for order in my life and the part that wants to get away from it all. It blends together oceanic elements that I may have experienced on a vacation with the heart of city life back at home in a seamless way so that it doesn’t clash.

Decorating a bedroom in this style is quite showy and dramatic. The bed will typically consist of a heavy four-poster of wood or cast iron. It may have a canopy, curtains, throw pillows and blankets, and a bedspread that is well embellished with patterns, fringe, bows, and ribbons.

There is a wide range of flooring options available. You can choose from marble, granite tiles, bricks, slates, concrete, or steel. To add more color, suitable carpets can be spread. Rugs can be used to complement them.

What pieces would you add to your bedroom to achieve this vibrant and stylish city and surf appeal

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