New Year, New Look: 5 Of The Biggest Furniture Trends For 2016

For many people, the New Year is a time for new resolutions and new starts. This often translates into a desire for a new look, with redecorating ranking as one of the most popular new year’s resolutions amongst people in the UK.

Are you planning a home makeover for the New Year, but stuck for inspiration? These furniture ideas will help you to achieve a stylish, striking look that is bang on trend.


Once somewhat of a niche market, eco-friendly furniture is moving into the mainstream, and recycled and reclaimed pieces are set to be a key trend in 2016. No longer seen as inferior, new technology has enabled the production of furniture from recycled materials that is both high quality and stylish. At the other end of the trend is the use of reclaimed and ‘upcycled’ materials, which are a great way of adding a relaxed and rustic feel to a room.

Rustic Oak

A move towards rustic oak furniture is part of a wider trend for handmade, quality products, and as we move into the New Year, we expect to see more people choosing furniture items that have been designed and made by hand. Solid and durable, bespoke oak furniture can add style and character to any room, whether you’re looking for a solid bookcase for your lounge, or a statement table for your dining room. It is also versatile and can be accessorised to suit both contemporary and more traditional homes.

Bright Colours

It’s good news for colour-lovers, as 2016 will see a move away from minimalist, monochromatic designs. Colour is ‘in’ – and, used cleverly, it can be a great way of adding interest and impact to your surroundings. Painted oak furniture, block colour sofas, and dining chairs upholstered in patterned fabric, are all easy and effective ways of incorporating the trend. Bold prints will also be very fashionable, so don’t shy away from that floral print armchair!

Back to the Future

As with many other areas of life, when it comes to interior design, we often find ourselves looking to the past for inspiration. And in 2016, our focus will be firmly on the mid Twentieth Century – specifically the 1950s to the 1970s. The key to this look is not to go overboard – remember, less is more! Key pieces of vintage furniture, or an armchair with a bold paisley print will help give a stylish nod to decades past, without making your home look like a museum.

Metallic Accents

The use of metallic accents continues to be a key interior design trend for 2016 and beyond. However, we are seeing a move away from chrome and stainless steel in favour of warmer metallic shades such as gold, brass, and particularly bronze and copper. And it’s not just for accessories and fixtures. Pieces of furniture that incorporate warm-toned metal touches can be really effective at adding an element of understated luxury to a room.

When it comes to 2016 furniture trends, there are plenty of options to choose from and you are sure to find something that suits your individual tastes. Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought and helped inspire you to create a stylish living space for the New Year and beyond.

Nick Halls is the founder of Rustic Oak, a bespoke oak furniture craftsmen based in Essex. Nick designs and crafts a range of oak beam furniture in their workshop based in Chelmsford, Essex.

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