Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry In Her Bag

A bag is probably a women’s best friend. It goes everywhere with her and never ever leaves her alone. When it comes to essential women accessories, this one will surely top the list. Every woman keeps tons of stuff in her bag. With the changing lifestyle, the requirements of a woman have also changed drastically. There are certain things which every modern woman should carry in her bag, and our job is to give you a peek- a- boo of the same.

  1. Makeup  kit: It won’t be wrong to state that woman live for makeup. Makeup is something every woman enjoys, irrespective of her age. Your makeup should include mascara, a lipstick, an eyeliner and a kajal.
  1. Wallet: Wallet is a must to keep your cards and your cash intact. The size of your wallet entirely depends on your choice.
  1. Hand Sanitizer: A sanitizer is a must for today’s woman as we come in contact with so many germs during the day. So girls, don’t miss this out.
  1. Safety pins: If you pop a button or a seam, safety pins are a life saver for you. So it’s a must for you girls.
  1. Nail file: A nail file is also a must for you, if in case you break your nail.
  1. Mints: To smell minty fresh, mint or a mouth freshener should always find a place in your bag.
  1. Tissue: A tissue is also a must thing when it comes to essentials for your bag, in case if you need to blow your nose.
  1. Power Bank: These are life saver when the battery of your mobile phone drains off. It helps you to switch on your phones again.
  1. Aspirin: In case of migraines or cramps, aspirins act as a life saver. So, don’t forget to find a place for these in your bags.
  1. Sunglasses and case: To fight against the sunlight, don’t forget to keep a stylish pair of sunglasses for yourself.
  1. Pen: You need this accessory, when you least expect it. So always make a place for a pen in your bag.
  1. Pads: It’s better to be prepared if your dates are near. Always carry sanitary pads so that you don’t have to rush in order to buy one.
  1. Wet wipes: Wet wipes will wipe off that extra visible oil on your face and will help you to look fresh for a long period of time.
  1. Band-aids: Always carry these as you never know when you will need one. So, it’s better to be prepared.
  1. Deodorant: It is a lifesaver for a long hectic day. You need to smell fresh all day long, and for that you must keep a good one in your bag.
  1. Head phones: If you are a music lover and have to travel for long hours, then head phones will ensure that you don’t get bored. So, keep one in your bag right away.

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