Expand Your Wardrobe Without Shrinking Your Bank Account

The latest trends dictate that good style requires a deep pocket and that quality is only guaranteed by a staggering price on the price tag. In spite of the present consumerist lifestyle, there are several ways in which you can attain new wardrobe and not have to worry about the impact that will have on your current account.

Online Shopping

Expand Your Wardrobe Without Shrinking Your Bank Account

The most comfortable of all shopping – browsing from your home! Many stores have enabled consumers to access their merchandise over the web thus simplifying the process in many aspects. You can find so many option online – from top designer choices, to second hand garments and even eco-friendly clothing lines for the best dollar – all by just a few mouse clicks.

The best things about online shopping is that some outlets offer better prices for purchases made over the Internet. There are also a lot of special coupon offers that can be used in a limited time for online payments. Some online stores will even offer free shipping as a seasonal boost, so keep your eyes open on the web for best deals!

Top Designer’s Mid-Level Lines

Until recently, fashion designers aimed their collections only at the most prosperous clients and their pieces of clothing art were considered to be a luxury for many. These days, there are more and more designers who are looking to cover the significantly larger group of consumers that have been left out so far by joining with major department stores in launching mid-level clothing lines.

You have surely heard of Vera Wang, but have you heard that her dresses can be found in David’s Bridal shop? Also, the hype was all around the globe when Isaac Mizrahi launched the Missoni line in collaboration with Target. Thanks to them, you can now enjoy high fashion at really low prices.

Expand Your Wardrobe Without Shrinking Your Bank Account

Clothing Swaps

How about getting new clothes without spending a single dollar? Don’t frown, it really is possible – simply organize a clothing swap with your friends and family members. The idea is to clean out your closet first and separate all the old items you have worn out (but are still in great condition) or clothes you never even wore (we all have bunch of those, admit it ladies) and swap them with your friends. This is a win-win situation where both sides profit from the exchange. And you can make organize it as a fun party, too!

Mix and Match – Maximize Your Wardrobe

A very simple advice – when buying new clothing pieces keep in mind what you already hold in your closet. The idea is to create as many combinations as possible for every single item.

When buying shirts, consider combining them with some of your shirts or trousers. Looking for new boots? Ask yourself if they match your winter coat and your autumn jacket as they can be worn through many seasons; are they fit for a business attire and that smart dress you love wearing to work but also if they could go with jeans and a sweater as well.

Expand Your Wardrobe Without Shrinking Your Bank Account

Replace Worn Items on a One-for-One Basis

Another easy step you can take with every shopping trip. Once your favorite clothes show signs of age or the fabric is stretched, the color has faded and there are tears you cannot hide or fix, that is the perfect time to look for a new, well-made substitute. And we do mean a substitute – one for one. Don’t go overboard and think it’s okay to replace that jacket with a new shirt and a cardigan. You will still end up missing a jacket once the weather starts to change. One for one. Keep it simple, your wallet will be grateful.

Wash Only the Dirty Laundry

Expand Your Wardrobe Without Shrinking Your Bank AccountThis is a prevention method to help you preserve your clothing for as long as possible and postpone the need for acquiring new items for your wardrobe. People usually have the tendency to throw things they have worn only once straight into the dirty laundry without checking if there is actual need for it.

Always check your T-shirts, hoodies, sweater and jeans if they really are dirty and stale before throwing them away because, despite the progress of modern technology, the washing machines still tend to beat the clothing and deal unnecessary damage to the fabrics.

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