How To Look After Your Teeth This Summer

How To Look After Your Teeth This Summer

As we grow old, our body starts to change drastically and we go through many physical changes. We come across many symptoms and problems of aging. Tooth decay is one of them. As we grow old our gums and teeth become week and we start facing a number of oral problems. This is why it becomes very important for us to start looking after our teeth from today onwards to keep our teeth healthy for like.

Now we are going to discuss some tips that will not only help you stronger teeth and will prevent you from visiting dentist Dubai again and again.

1.) Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

This is a tip that you might have been listening since ever. Brushing teeth twice is the key to get stronger and brighter teeth. Brushing teeth in the morning and before going to bed helps avoid a lot of oral health problems. It helps avoid major problems like gum problems and tooth decay. Along with that, you must also floss daily. Change your toothbrush at every three months. All these habits will keep you away from dentist in Dubai and will help you have better teeth.

2.) Sugar Free Gum

Sugar free gum is also a good option to go for in order to maintain overall health of your teeth. You are always advised to brush your teeth after having a meal. But, if you cannot do that, you can try chewing gum. Sugar free gum is always a better option. It stimulates saliva and stops acid attack. Also, chewing gum makes your teeth stay stronger. Additionally, you get rid of and prevent face fat. You can chew gum even when you are at your work place. Also, you must rinse your mouth after each meal.

3.) Prevent Injuries

Being sporty and taking part in recreational activities is good for health, but they can be harmful for your teeth and can take you straight to Dubai dentist. Recreational activities or any kind of sport can cause a real threat to your teeth. If you are a sport person, then you should always wear mouth guard to protect your teeth, especially when you are not under an expert’s guidance.

4.) Try Cheese

Who doesn’t like cheese? It is something that can add taste to any food. What if you are told that this tasty food can provide your oral health benefits? Well, cheese brings with it a lot of benefits for oral health. Having 5 grams of cheese in your meal helps you have stronger and better teeth. What you have to do is just add 5 grams of cheese in your one meal. It neutralizes lactic acid and remineralises tooth enamel. Also, it repairs the damage done by acid attack.

5.) Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are among the most common reasons for oral health problems. They cause different oral issues like bad breath, yellow teeth, tooth decay and more. As soon as you start avoiding these things, you will be able to keep all oral problems at bay. The biggest threat that rises due to these habits is oral cancer.

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