3 Tips To Presenting Yourself To First Date

3 Tips To Presenting Yourself To A First Date

When the time comes for you to go out on a date, will you be ready to pull it off?

Sure, the world is not going to end if the date goes south. That said chances are you want it to go well.

So, how can you give off a good first impression and increase the odds of getting a second date?

Will You Have the Right Look?

In coming away with a good first date at least on your end, remember these tips:

  1. Looking good – It never hurts to look good for a first date. For example, if you are a guy and you have some form of facial hair, be sure it looks good. If you go into the date and your facial hair is out of control, there is a good chance she will not be too thrilled. That said you may be in a position now where you need to focus on getting better shaving equipment. So, have you thought about going online to do some research on razors and accessories? If not, take the time to look at Harry’s Shave Club and other brands of interest. This allows you to find the brand that is in your best interests. With a smoother shave, you will look better. Speaking of looking better, don’t sleep on things like the clothes you choose, having a great smile and more. Putting the entire package together can do wonders for you on a first date.
  2. Having good manners – Nothing can turn a first date or anyone off for that matter more than bad manners. That said are your manners something you tend to be proud of? If not, you would be wise to work on them before your first date. If you fail to do so, this can be a problem. They may get the wrong impression of you and decide a second date is not in the cards. From there, you could end up going through a host of dates. Before long, you either find someone or throw in the towel for a period of time.
  3. Smart with what you say – Finally, it is always a good idea to watch what comes out of your mouth. As an example, you do not want to go on and on about an ex. All this does is tend to say you are not over them. If someone brings up your ex and has questions, keep the responses brief and courteous. You also do not want to sound critical of your job, family members and life in general. Having a positive attitude can go a long way in leading to a second date and even more down the road. If you come off as a downer right from the start of the date, chances are not good for a next one.

Whether getting back into dating or you’ve been doing it for a while, present yourself the best you can to a first date.

So, are you going to be a good salesman for you when the time comes to go on a first date or drop the ball and not make the sale?

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