5 Key Elements Of An Effective Corporate Eye Safety Program

5 Key Elements Of An Effective Corporate Eye Safety Program

Protecting your employees often means providing them with the right personal protective equipment. For many companies operating in the manufacturing, warehousing and construction industries, a corporate safety eyewear program can ensure your employees avoid suffering from an eye injury. Around 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur each year, costing companies thousands. Here are five crucial components of establishing an effective safety eyewear program.

1. Convenience

Employees need the convenience of taking care of their eyesight or ordering their prescription safety glasses without a lot of hassle. Your program needs to start with flexibility in scheduling eye appointments. This means working with an occupational eye care provider who is willing to do screening on-site or has special hours for your employees. Having a vision assessment, lens and frame guidance and safety evaluations occurring at the work site if one of the most accommodating and effective ways to get everyone involved in the safety eyewear program.

2. Professionalism

Your company brand and culture need to be represented by the partners you work with. This includes who you turn to when establishing your corporate safety eyewear program. Professionalism is important for making your employees feel comfortable and providing the confidence you need that any products or services rendered are up to the highest standards in accuracy, safety or customer care.

3. Compliance Support

There are very specific requirements concerning corporate responsibility for employee health and safety. Eyewear will not be effective unless it meets the safety specifications set forth by the American National Standards Institute. Any eyewear that has passed the test for certification will be clearly marked with an ANSI Z87.1.2 label. This standard applies to both the frame and lens choice. One study conducted found that nearly 7% of prescription eyewear marked for safety use but sold through a retail or wholesale lab did not meet compliance standards.

4. Easy Ordering and Replacement

Once your employees have their prescription needs or they have found out which injury concerns they need to be protected against, your eyewear program needs a simple way to get the employees the glasses they need. This means being able to order from a large selection, knowing which frames will fit comfortably and securely and having an efficient way of presenting the necessary prescription or forms for processing. Online ordering is one of the most convenient and easily accessible ways of getting the right pair of glasses, but only if your eyewear partner specializes in corporate support and provides quality products.

5. Noticeable Results

A corporate safety eyewear program should provide measurable results once it’s been up and running. Financially speaking, the costs associated with workers’ comp claims for eye injuries should decrease and demonstrate noticeable savings over the expenses associated with the program. Employees should have higher morale and few absences from missed employment due to injuries. Job performance and productivity should increase with the extra efforts given to maximizing vision and creating a safe work environment.

By getting a corporate safety eyewear program started, you can save your companies thousands of dollars on preventable eye injuries. Give your employees the tools they need to be safe and productive on the job. Get started with Safety Gear Pro’s corporate program today.

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