What Can You Expect from Customised Student Tours In London During Winter?

What Can You Expect from Customised Student Tours In London During Winter

Who Are We?

The bustling capital of England is not only home to a multitude of exciting monuments and places of historical importance, but also to the Anglo Educational Services (AES) Head Office. We offer customised educational tours in various cities around the world to students travelling and studying abroad, wishing to pack in a bit of culture to their trip. By creating a unique itinerary to suit you and arranging your travel to the various points of interests as well as your accommodation, AES ensure you make the most of your trip.

What Do We Offer?

Anglo Educational Services offer a unique experience, expertly tailored to fit your specific interests and course requirements! Upon contacting our team, you’ll be asked for details of your study including the level at which you’re studying and the focus of your course, along with a details section to provide any extra information which will enable us to really go that extra mile and see that your trip is truly unforgettable. If you have any specific requests, simply let us know and we’ll do our best to incorporate it into your trip.

Why Do We Stand Out?

Whilst there are many companies who offer student travel in London, AES have over 40 years’ experience to assist us in standing out from the crowd. Our team of experts know exactly how to plan the perfect itinerary, and are excited to pass on their knowledge to you! Whilst we have hubs all over the world, our main office in London is conveniently placed and enables us to take advantage of the city’s wealth of cultural offerings.

Unlike many other companies, we will handle everything, from your tour itinerary all the way down to your accommodation, finding you the most convenient place to stay so you can spend less time getting around and more time enjoying the sights.

What Will My Schedule Be Like?

With AES, student travel in London couldn’t be easier. For a great sample itinerary, please see our website.You will see how we plan each day of your trip from morning to evening, with some extra notes and details so you know exactly where you’ll be and what you’ll see. This itinerary will give you a chance to plan ahead for what you’ll see, making your trip easier. This will include accommodation and even transport to and from the airport.However, visiting London during the Christmas period can be the most exciting thing ever. It is one of the most festive times of the year and there is a lot to behold. You can sing carols in the candlelight, take a spin on the ice at one of London’s numerous skating rinks, or sip on mulled wine at a popular market such at the annual Christmas market at the South Bank. London is lit up entirely, with beautiful light displays in Carnaby Street and Oxford Street and you can enjoy the real essence of the festival during this time.

We know that adjusting to the British weather can be hard for some students, especially in the winter! For that reason our trips do take into consideration the temperature and weather, so as to minimise the adjustment needed.

So, what can you expect from a trip with AES? Quite simply, you can expect an exciting, educational and unforgettable trip which caters to your every need! If that sounds like the sort of experience which would interest you, then get in touch with our team of experts today.

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