World is growing day by day. In today’s world lives change fast, whether for good or bad. Every moment, lots of things around us are changing, but we rarely notice all of them; or is it like, it is being near to impossible, to track and feel things going around us, due to busy schedules???

When you live in big cities like Dubai, where more than 75% of the population are foreigners, from all over the world, it is difficult to be in touch and track with everyone flying in and out of your lives. Rushing around knitting dreams for a better tomorrow, you may not even really know who is your neighbour, who is sitting next room at your workplace, who are your visitors at your business and home, how are your kids at home and whom and what are they dealing with everyday…..the list and worries goes on and are never ending; yes life in big cities are tougher than they seem.

Today, if only you have an unbiased camera recording everything around you, like a third eye, life is much easier and safe. The CCTV systems have now become an inevitable part of our lives. Just try to count on your fingers, the places you have been to and where you did not find a CCTV camera; answer would be zero. These are everywhere, like watchdogs, tracking everything and telling everyone, every second- “peek-a-boo, we see you”. Even though, CCTV systems may irritate your feeling of privacy when others install them, when it comes to your safety and well-being, you really understand how necessary and important these are.

So once you decide to get CCTV installed, the next big question is where to buy from? Always go for good brands that offer you quality products, rather than going behind cheap and unreliable ones. It is a long term investment and you would not want your cameras to strike from their work, without notice one fine morning, when you need them the most. Next important thing is where to buy them from. Always go for shops that help you in installing the product and provide you good and timely service along with the product. One such best buy is Bosch CCTV Dubai.

You can get promised good quality products of top brands at CCTV Dubai. They are one of the best CCTV suppliers in Dubai. Samsung CCTV Camera and Bosch CCTV in Dubai are rated as the superior brands based on their wide acceptance and excellent customer reviews. These are always wise options. A central video recorder is required in the CCTV system to record and transmit the videos they are capturing. Types of camera used may be different based on customer needs; it may be an IP camera or an analog camera. NVR’s (Network Video recorder) and DVR’s (Digital Video recorder) are the recorders used along with the CCTV system to manage, store and view the videos for IP and Analog cameras respectively.

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