Portable Water Filter Jerrycan – The Ultimate Lifesaver

Portable Water Filter Jerrycan - The Ultimate Lifesaver

The portable water jerrycan from Lifesaver is the biggest water filter storage unit in the range from this innovative company. The can is used for humanitarian and military purposes overseas; however, this unique jerrycan could also be a lifesaver when used for recreational or personal activity at home in the UK. Let’s take a quick look at when and why this portable water filter container can be an essential item.

Clean Water

A lack of clean drinking water can literally threaten lives. Without a supply of drinking water, humans can perish in days; however, when the only water is contaminated with dangerous viruses, bacteria or toxins, they can perish much sooner. The filter system in the Lifesaver jerrycan can filter out these dangerous toxins without using nasty chemicals such as chlorine.

Wild Camping and Group Expeditions

Wild camping and outdoor group expeditions come with a huge buzz, stepping away from the daily grind and experiencing new and exciting challenges; however, wild camping and many group expeditions are pursued in isolated terrain where access to clean drinking water is hard to come by. If you are planning either of these trips, you need to be prepared. It is rare but some wild campers and those on group expeditions can find themselves in life-threatening situations when they run out of clean drinking water; fortunately, it is possible to filter up to 20,000 litres of water with this portable filter jerrycan.

Off-grid Living

More and more people are choosing to live off-grid, even if only for part of the year rather than permanently. Living off-grid can sometimes mean not having access to clean water for either drinking or cleaning purposes. A Lifesaver jerrycan can literally be a lifesaver in these situations thanks to its capacity to filter huge amounts of water.

Getting the Most from the Jerrycan

The Lifesaver jerrycan can filter up to 20,000 litres of water in its lifetime and has a large capacity of 18.5 litres, making it ideal for group use. Once cleaned, water can be recontaminated; therefore, it is best to filter what you need as you go. With the jerrycan, there is no need to carry water around with you – once you have found a source of water, you can simply filter it as and when required. This can also save huge amounts of energy for the person carrying the can. Those traveling alone or in a small group would be better off with a smaller item from the range, such as the Lifesaver bottle.

A portable jerrycan that filters contaminated water is the perfect answer for those on group expeditions, wild campers or families living off-grid.

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