Acer One 10: 2-In-1 Windows 8.1 Tablet And Upgradable To Windows 10

Acer One 10: 2-In-1 Windows 8.1 Tablet And Upgradable To Windows 10

Asus released a low-cost Chromebook that is worth a look, Acer’s new One 10 sports a modest $200 price tag, this device equipped with a foldable keyboard dock that allows users, the One 10 can be used in two different ways: as a tablet or as a notebook. Acer One 10 is priced quite affordable. To support all your daily activities, great for web browsing, light reading and studying, and casual gaming.

An IPS panel for the Acer One 10

To achieve this price, the manufacturer has obviously cut corners on the data sheet of the gadget and the One 10 will not be a lightning war. Multifunctional tablet Acer One 10 comes with a very broad landscape screen measuring 10.1-inch IPS screen capable of displaying HD type definition 720p (1280 × 800) with an Intel Arom quad-coreZ3735F chip clocked at 1.8 GHz with Intel HD Graphics GPU and 2GB of RAM DDR3L behind.

The storage space extensive internal memory capacity of 32 GB which might look to expand with a card, as a supporter when it functions as a tablet. Armed with storage space is very supportive, then the users of Acer One 10 can freely store all their data in a multifunctional tablet and notebook Acer One 10, such as pictures, videos, movies or any other file. The hybrid features a 2MP front and rear combo with 1600 x 1200 resolution. It will also count on a WiFi chip 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0.

The system runs with an operating system of Windows 8.1 with 32-bit. That the Acer One 10 will be eligible to receive the Windows 10 upgrade when it becomes available on the market. Acer One 10 can be charged with a USB charger and POWERBANK. A hybrid notebook package very complete, cool and suitable for all your activity, a 2670 mAh battery. It to take between 6 and 9 hours with a full charge. There will be entitled to a USB port, a micro USB port, micro HDMI output and a micro SD card slot.

Certainly a lot of advantages you know! Acer One 10 supports a variety of activities, ranging from work activities, complete the task, playing the game  to serve as a medium of entertainment. To support the work activities and tasks, or other work certainly became more easy and fun yes, guys.

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