The release of wonderful Samsung Galaxy S7 on cards!

Do you know that the release of wonderful Galaxy S7 is on cards? In fact everyone knows this fact and is discussing about this captivating handset. It really deserves the so called attention as it comes from the reputed S series by Samsung Galaxy. Actually all the models of this series are attractive and distinguishing.

This might have reminded you of the problems which have occurred with Galaxy S6. It is important to note here that Samsung has accepted its mistake and have pledge to never let it happen with any other model.

The Smartphone fans are finding it difficult to resist their temptation to know about its possible features. So, they are searching the net. But in this pool there are varied views and it is difficult to ascertain what is right and what’s wrong. So, we have tried to bring reliable information just for you. Come with us to know more about the Galaxy S7:

  • The time of launch: If we ask someone regarding the date of release of this model, his immediate response would be March 2016. In fact everybody knows that the new products are revealed in March prior to Barcelona Smartphone focused show. But you may expect this handset at the ending of 2015.
  • Cost: The information about the cost is never revealed before its launch. But, for your sake have have observed the previous prices and estimate the round off cost. If the cost of Galaxy S6 was 599 pound, it should be649 pound, in case it doesn’t have curved technology.
  • Design: All the models of this series are striking and remarkable. It is quite likely that Galaxy 7would have stunning appearance in metal and glass body.
  • Body (Build): Several improvements are likely in its body. It could have a waterproof body. There are chances to find superiormicrosd slot andexcellent battery. The curved technology is also expected. We could also expectreversible USB Type C in it.
  • Memory: Anoutstandingmemory is expected inGalaxy S7of 4GB or 6GB RAM.
  • Storage: The users would possibly get a chance to opt the internal storage from 32 or 64 GB.
  • Processor:TheSnapdragon 810 was blamed for the issues in Galaxy S6. People are wondering that in this Galaxy S7 model Samsung would have its own processor. But the head of Samsung has committed that this model would have theQualcomm Snapdragon 820.
  • Screen: The amazing AMOLED technology is expected in 5in screen.
  • Extra Specifications:Every new model brings surprising gadgets and gizmos with it. For Galaxy 7 the surprise could be a finger print scanner.
  • Camera: This model is expected to have an enormous camera.A16Mp sensor along with enhanced optical image stabilization is expected in it.
  • Software:The software expected in it could be Android MandTouchWiz.

We hope that with the help of this article you are able to draw a picture of Galaxy S7 likely features. For finding more keep visiting.

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