How To Become A Certified SAP Development Associate?

SAP is one of the leading providers of enterprise level software that help organizations streamline their operations and processes for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and higher productivity. SAP certifications and training courses are helping professionals to learn core SAP skills and enable their organizations to meet their business objectives better.

There are several SAP certifications that include SAP Certified Application Associate, SAP Certified Development Associate, and Solution Consultant Financials across multiple fields such as SAP NetWeaver, SAP Cloud, SAP Business Objects, SAP ERP, and SAP HANA. You need to complete certain courses, attend SAP training program and successfully pass the certification examinations in order to earn these credentials.

If you are looking forward to become a certified SAP Development Associate in ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.31, this blog may help you. Earning this certification will validate your expertise in ABAP development and competence in applying these skills under the guidance of an expert consultant in a project environment. The next few sections describe the steps that you would need to follow in order to earn this certification.

Step 1: Make sure you meet the pre-requisites

Understanding and knowledge of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts is necessary to successfully complete the SAP Development Associate certification course.

Step 2: Complete the official course curriculum successfully

Like all other SAP certifications, this too involves official curriculum that includes three courses – ABAP Workbench Fundamentals (TAW10), E-learning ABAP (TAW11E), and ABAP Workbench Concepts (TAW12).

It is important to complete these SAP training courses and successfully grasp all the concepts so that at the end of the curriculum you are able to employ ABAP Workbench and comprehend SAP portfolio, SAP NetWeaver Application Server, Integration and Communication Technologies, Dictionary Object Dependencies, ABAP programming, Complex Data Objects, Modularization using Function Modules and Subroutines, and the Dynamic Programming.

Step 3: Enroll for SAP certification training program

As the courseware is comprehensive and requires a focused approach, most professionals prefer to enroll with authorized SAP Partners offering training programs for these certifications. SAP Partners provide experienced trainers to impart the necessary knowledge and understanding of core concepts in an effective and efficient manner. Typically, the entire course program can be completed within 25-30 days.

Step 4: Practice the concepts before taking the examination

In addition to learning the concepts, it is also important to practice them as it will help you prepare for the certification examination (C_TAW12_731). All reputed SAP Partners provide hands-on practice before examination. A certain number of days in the training program are allocated for examination practice sessions. You may also take help from SAP’s exam preparation tips and FAQs.

Step 5: Take the examination

Take the SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 examination on the scheduled day and time. You would need to answer 80 questions in a time frame of 180 minutes. In order to pass the exam successfully, you must be able to apply the knowledge you have gained through SAP certification training while answering the questions.

The certification is also available in the latest version ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.40. Check out SAP training website for examination schedule and other details.

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