Spring Fashion Trends For Kids

Kids and parents alike are biting at the bit to get out of the house and into the spring sunshine, and this year’s kids’ clothing trends have embraced the feeling more than ever. From bright new pastels to practical jeans and cords for care-free playtimes, and from hipster formal wear to an abundance of yellow, we’ll give you the rundown of what’s hot.

Practical, Hard-Wearing and Affordable

We’re seeing a big trend this year in cords, dungarees and jeans for boys and girls alike. Possibly the winter felt like a longer one than usual this year, and daydreams of heading off to the beach or the fields are on everyone’s minds. These clothes are being bought in advance, knowing that they will be needed at times when it might not be convenient to get out to the shops. Practical parents this year are looking to tick the trousers box early and to accessorize later.

Pretty Pastels and Party Wear

Spring and summer are the Christmas and New Year of the kids’ party calendar. Little girls are looking for that all-important signature party dress – the one which will have them looking and feeling like a princess. This year, think brighter pastels rather than the classic Easter shades. Dresses are layered and might have netting or a hoop skirt too. For boys, the hipster look is still going strong but has been toned down to include trendy T-shirts and vintage-inspired pieces. Look out of jackets with elbow patches teamed up with distressed T-shirts and boat shoes. Classic checks in bright mint green and black seem to be everywhere, but luckily for retailers looking into kids clothes wholesale, most kids want to fit in rather than stand out.

Two-Tone and Clashy

Kids’ fashions often reflect the looks parents wish they could try to pull off but don’t dare to attempt. This year, high fashion has been tending towards the clashing colours and the ska tones. Oranges with pinks and yellows with greens are making their mark. We’re seeing a number of two-tone dresses for girls with the separate top and skirt look in one piece. For boys, squares are playing an important role in the evolving hipster look.

Understated and Grown-Up

However much most parents want their kids to dress like kids, some kids will always be different and want to dress like grown-ups. There are a number of looks this year which seem to do exactly that. With boys, it’s crisp white dress and casual shirts under grey or brown soft wool or jersey jackets. For girls, it’s miniature versions of mum’s one-piece black or grey office dress accessorized with chunky beads and a cardigan.

Themes and Characters

And last but not least, this year’s clothes will need to feature this year’s heroes. While we’re still seeing an abundance of Star Wars and Minions characters on the shelves, some new films out this summer will bring yet more characters. Look out for Dora, Ice Age and Power Rangers on a shelf near you.

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