Make An Impactful Comeback After A Career Break

As a blogger, I come across so many queries of the readers regarding returning to their career after a long break. Majority, women are found taking a break from their careers due to maternity or for taking care of their young kids. One such reader put her query that she had taken a break of almost 16 years and now she wants to rejoin her career. She is a teacher by profession and now, she is not even sure if at the age of 38, she can really start with the same ease. Likewise, there are lots of such people out there, who want to return to their jobs or careers after a long break.

Apart from women, even men take a break from their jobs due to reasons like marriage or relocating. The main question here is how people can rejoin their jobs with confidence. As a matter of fact, we all know that it becomes difficult to face interviews and new environment. Especially, for women, who have spent their break at home with family, find it tough to through interviews and adjust themselves to new situations.

However, we will go through some useful and significant tips that will help you to make an impactful comeback to your respective careers.

Make an analysis of your interests

Being away from your job profile for a long time may have changed your tastes and preferences. Also, being in the kitchen and looking after your family, may have affected your interests regarding your career choice. You may have worked as a teacher, and now, you may have developed an interest in the finance sector. Hence, it is important for you to make an analysis in these regards.

For this purpose, you can even consult a career counsellor, who may effectively help you with the right choice of career and guidance in this direction.

Be confident

For women, it becomes a great deal to rejoin their career after taking a long career break. Too many questions arise in their minds regarding their new job. All these questions affect the confidence and we become nervous about the same. It is, therefore, very important that you think about your strengths rather than weaknesses or what will happen when you go for your interview. Think about the skills that you have and brush them up once again. Be confident to overcome any difficulty that may come across your path. Think of your strengths that you developed mothering a new child, which is the toughest job in the world. It will surely help you regain your confidence.

Try to be on network

Being in the digital and the world of smartphones, it won’t be difficult for you to get in touch with your colleagues or even boss. You never know you might get the same old job back. Yes, today, competition has increased in every sector, and firms need experienced and skilled employees. It may be a great deal for your old company to take you back, as they don’t have to spend on the training area. So, try to be in your old network to get back your old career and colleagues. It will also be comfortable for you to work in your familiar environment.

Keep yourself updated

Even if you have taken a break from your career, if you wish to return to it, it is significant that you keep yourself updated with the things related to your career. Every sector keeps on upgrading and it is essential for one to keep themselves with the changing updates. Moreover, today, it is not difficult for you to update yourself in the world of internet. You can update yourself, sitting on your couch. So, do not miss the opportunity to learn new things and stuff in these regards.

Go for a higher education or pursue a course

If you find yourself outdated in your field, you can always update yourself by joining some courses or even pursuing a higher education. It will boost your resume and make it stronger than before. Moreover, it will also increase your confidence and the will to move forward on your career path. Also, if you think of changing the career, you can do it successfully by achieving some degree in the career of your choice.

Redraft your resume

Do not use your old resume when you apply for a job after a long break. You always need to update your resume with the latest information and data. Moreover, you should also prepare a genuine cover letter showing your eagerness to return. It will be much appreciated if you are returning to your old job. Also, make sure you link your resume to the latest recruiting sites.

Be honest and open

Joining or rejoining a job, may give a comparison with the existing employees. So, you have to be open and flexible during salary negotiation that a company might like to offer you. It is a matter of a fact that HR managers usually, consider your last pay cheque rather than the current remuneration scales. So, be open to this reality before you face your interview.

To conclude, making a comeback needs a strong analysis of strengths and weaknesses along with your interests and preferences. You should be aware of market changes and accordingly prepare yourself for the new beginning. Surely, you can have an impactful comeback in your career.

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