Anthony Hamilton Tour – Say Amen ToA Rhythmic New Year

Anthony Hamilton tour

Flipping a new calendar every year can revive memories of the years gone by. Even the melodies that struck a chord with people aren’t forgotten. The world rewinds life back to the days when life was filled with rhythm and music every time it feels like each year that appeared on the horizon let it down. On the other hand, you can now say amen to a fresh year that would be musically replete the moment you decide that it should be eventful.

Sing the tune of newness

Many have forgotten what moving on feels like. Nonetheless, when you decide to be a part of the radical new Anthony Hamilton tour that is making waves in the world, you can sing the tune of newness along with many others. Know that you aren’t alone in this world. In fact, there are people who feel the same way that you do. Everyone knows that the rhythms can beat the blues effortlessly and a feeling of freshness sways over them. Once you take part in the musical revolution that is brewing around the world, you can forget your sorrows and start life afresh even if the past year hasn’t been so good to you. So, are you ready to sing along with the cosmos?

The stream of consciousness beckons

Do you hear the call that invites you and everyone else to make yourselves felt? It invites one and all to perform on the stage of life. Of course, there are other performances that you might find yourself drawn to like the Anthony Hamilton concert that can make everyone feel like they area part of something bigger. So, go with the flow of the stream of consciousness that helps you feel one with the universe and at peace. Let the music take over your mind. The moment you let it do that, you would start feeling vibes that you vibe most with and your thoughts begin to flow freely. In the meanwhile, you can unwind a bit knowing that your vibe will attract your tribe and everything that you have always desired.

One song to bind them all

So, have you marked your calendar yet to get ready for all the action happening on the tour dates? Just one song is enough to bring everyone together and that is the song of your heart that would be sung by someone who knows it like the back of his hand. It isn’t enough to just try out strange things each year for the sake of doing so but you would need to feel the tunes that sing to you with your heart and soul. In fact, that is what music is all about – expressing yourself freely while feeling at home with the words that are being sung! Love every moment of the time you are spending listening to the rhythms and make the others around you feel loved. Let the music reverberate through your mind every time you feel disconcerted over something. So, are you one with the universe and everything around you yet?

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