Black Is The New Trend In Interior Designing

Interior designers have unique and creative ideas that really give a lot of appeal to spaces. They with their eye for perfection and detail are able to give you an outstanding appeal that pleases the senses. Interior decorations both for home and office reflect your personality and brand image. This is why they say that colors play an important role in their projects. The color of your home and office are not co-incidental. They exude a message about you or your product or service.

Scott Jay Abraham is an industrial interior designer well-known in the USA. He says that when it comes to interior designing today, many designers are going in for black. Yes, black is back and it can be used as a color with dark themes. Many people associate black with gloom and melancholy however black can really be a great color when it comes to the backdrop of your home or office.

The Color Play with Black and Dark Hues

He says that when you are using black and dark colors you give the space an appeal. In fact, black is an excellent color that you can use in a meditation room as well. The color has a calming effect on people who wish to practice meditation. This may sound unusual as mostly people associate meditation rooms with the color white. The idea of going black is unique and certainly worth a shot. Those people who have used black in their meditation rooms have received compliments from others as the color really makes their meditation rooms stand out from the rest of the home.

Black for your Kitchen?

How about black for the kitchen? He says that black can really make a kitchen look elegant and classic. The kitchen can also be labeled fashionable and does not need boring colors anymore. The styles and the textures of a black kitchen really stand out. He has suggested this to most of his clients and they are really happy with the results that they have got. Another advantage of a black kitchen is that it is very simple and easy for you to clean. You do not have to worry about the stains anymore. Granite and marble tops do look amazing when you place them in a black kitchen. The steel utensils and white crockery also add to its unique appeal and glamour. He says many people find it hard to opt for a black kitchen but when he shows them in real, they are indeed spellbound by the visual effects!

Scott Abraham says black is the new trend and it is in. Many people are experimenting with the color black and they are really happy with the results they have received. He says that interior designing is his passion and when he is not working, he takes his pet Shadow on odd road trips to learn and discover new things. This has immensely helped him in his work. He uses his travels as an inspiration when it comes to interior decoration and this is why he is considered to be one of the most widely sought interior designers in San Francisco today!

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