Lightning Speed Of Your Website

Let us face it. Most of today’s business has some connections with the Internet. Whether that would be simple advertisement on some local citations page, or full built web-site, the Internet is impossible to avoid. To use most of its advantages, it is of utmost importance that your web-site be aesthetically appealing, reliable, always available and fast. We will focus on the last item from this list. Feel free to read on to see how you can make your website fly.

Lightning Speed Of Your Website


Cashing part of your site means that on each device which accesses your page, some of the files remain saved. Next time when user is visiting your site, those files are loaded from his computer or smartphone, meaning that it will load much faster. However, this setting has a drawback, meaning that computer which stores these files will be somewhat slower. Users know this, and they clean cache often, so all the process goes from the beginning.

Plugins and Additions

WordPress-based sites are often overburdened with sometimes useless plugins. Yes, they might add something, but important thing to consider is whether your site really needs this add-on, or you just like how it looks and what it does? If it is not crucial for your website to work, it is recommended to remove it, for there will be fewer items which server needs to send to user, thus making it faster.


Visual content gains importance on a daily basis. So, if your images are not compressed as they should be, you could be in trouble. With Google’s update concerning access from mobile devices, images on site had become one of the things which need to scale in a proper way, without losing too much on quality and visibility. This will encourage your visitors to neglect the device from which they are accessing, for the experience will be the same. For WordPress, Hammy and WP are among the better ones, and should be sufficient for your needs.


Space where your website is stored is called server. There is not much to consider. The faster the server, the better for you. In case that your site is often offline, and it is up to that company which provides server, it is strongly advised to migrate to another one. Premium package of services will require a bit more investment, but it pays off with more space and wider support for each user. Generally more expensive, VPS servers are much more reliable, steady and faster than any other kind. This solution is often advised for business websites, where time for site being offline is unacceptable. You will get your own personal space on the server, so there is no need for you to share any resources. Everything is at your disposal.

Lightning Speed Of Your Website

Going Mobile

By taking closer look at numerous researches, we can conclude that approximately half of the Internet users are browsing over some kind of mobile device on a daily basis. Let this fact sink in for a moment. Do you want to neglect this vast market, just because your site is not mobile-friendly? Formatting it for smartphone and tablet use is not much of a fuss, and in fact, Google requires it. And one thing is certain, they would not do it for nothing.

When all the things above are taken into consideration, it is clear that speed and availability are the most appreciated attributes when it comes to a web-site. Use these to your advantage, and you will see the results pretty fast.

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