Why Lifestyle Accessory Design Courses Have Importance Today?

Why Lifestyle Accessory Design Courses Have Importance Today

Sometimes a neat hand crafted accessory in a shop has drawn your attention or sometimes you wanted to buy an attractive show piece to decorate your living room. All these show pieces and these accessories are created by the lifestyle accessory designer. This growing demand for these show pieces has led to the increase in demand for the careers in life style and accessories designing. We can say that lifestyle and accessories designing is a lucrative career option.

Nowdays most of the top design institutes are providing several diploma, advanced diploma, degrees in life style and accessories designing. Candidates who have good knowledge about CAD (Computer Aided design) will surely flourish in this field.

To meet the growing demand of various types of accessories, lifestyle and Accessory Design courses are gaining importance. Most of the top design colleges in India are providing lifestyle and Accessory Design courses so that students can start their careers in life style and Accessory field. The present era is the time where glamour, style statement are considered as an important aspect in a person’s life.

Lifestyle and Accessory designers mainly have to come up with creative ideas, and then they have to sketch it, review it and prepare a sample of it in order to test it out. Lifestyle products have taken a major portion of the market and this has led to the growth in demand of life style and accessory design courses in India. Lifestyle and accessory course is the process of understanding the way people live, their social status, their habits and try to come up with innovative products.

The main job of a lifestyle and accessory designer is to

• Design accessories such as jewellery, leatherwear glass products, footwear, watches, scarves, giftware, tableware, silverware and other lifestyle products.
• They have to create designs that can redefine the trends or that can blend the prevailing fashion trends with the new trends.
• Life Style Designers can work in various areas like in costumes, jewelries, leather wear, glass products, footwear.
• Accessory designers are usually responsible for more specific tasks, such as sketching or choosing materials.
• They have to research to find out new designs which will appeal to both retailers as well as the customers. They also need to attend fashion shows as well as they should regularly go through fashion magazine to get new creative ideas for their designs.
• They also need to sketch designs for different accessories. Accessories designers who are working for large retail stores and companies they may need to present their sketches to their creative director.
• It is also the duty of the accessory designer to promote their designs to other retailers as well as consumers.

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