Zaid Ali – A Rising Star

Pakistani people in his videos

Zaid ali, a Pakistani-Canadian comedian who lives in Canada and has been making funny videos since 2010. He promotes amusement through his funny videos by spreading them through social media like Facebook, twitter, watts app and YouTube. He is impressed with the difference between desi culture and European culture.

Zaid ali was born on July 2/1995 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and is still living there. Right now he should be about 21 years old give or take. Zaid ali is studying at Toronto’s prestigious University of Waterloo. Zaid ali is currently pursuing a business degree. Although he is studying, His profession is making motivational videos and has gained a lot of popularity with his videos mainly through Facebook and you-tube. He was also created vlog on separate channel known as Zaid ali TV. On august 19/2011, he released his first funny video on YouTube “Your profile picture is so cute”. He got famous because of his video” Pillow fight prank” Zaid ali had also started preforming on stage. In year 2015, Zaid ali received an of a role in Hollywood film but Zaid ali turned it down. The reason stated is that Zaid ali refused the offer because there was a kissing scene involved in it. He told them that he could never imagine doing something of the sort. After that Zaid ali posted a funny video on title “Bollywood dialogue in real life'” on YouTube which went viral after that video was tweeted by Sonakshi Sinha. As the video illustrate a daughter being slapped by her mother upon uttering the dialogue. She was so amused that she tweeted that video and in her twitter message she said “This is why you must never try to use my dialogue at home”. The dialogue was “Thappar sey dar nahi lagta Sab, Pyar sey lagta hai” which was delivered by Sonakshi Sinha in her film Dabang with Salman khan.  In year 2016, Zaid ali had over 420,000 subscribers and more than 47 million views. Zaid ali also received more than four million likes on his Facebook page. From that point on he became a famous Facebook personality and a rising YouTube star. He has most of the online fans as a desi celebrity on Facebook. One of the reasons behind his success is the new video almost every day.

In his funny videos almost everyone he knows that are close to him for example his mother, sister and friends took part. He appreciates everyone’s help accordingly. He never mentions his home country Pakistan or Pakistani people in his videos and on twitter he once said” If John does something bad, john is blamed, If Ahmed does something bad, and Islam is blamed. Double standard. Blame the people, not religion” He is not jealous with anyone including people who made fun of his video.

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