An Internet-less Recharge With Mobikwik

We all know how difficult it is to learn a new skill. Whether it is a new language, a new sport or even a new route to work, it is human nature to fall back on what you are familiar with. This is why many find it difficult to keep up with changes in technology. For some of the senior citizens in our society who managed perfectly well without the need of even a landline – mastering all the buttons on a fiddly mobile phone or comprehending the idea of  an entirely button-less smartphone can take time! While several progressive parents have understood browsing, Skype calls and SMS services down pat, online recharge, and net banking is another story altogether.

One of the most convenient developments is the online wallet. Online wallets can be used to pay anything from utility bills to mobile bills and even make purchases. With the advent of these ‘virtual or ‘online wallet’– the convenience of the millennial generation’s lives has gone up a notch – but many of the senior citizens of our lives may view it as more of a complication rather than a convenience. Which is why one must be aware of the latest feature – offline recharges.

A New Feature

While you can access the internet from multiple devices including your PCs, laptops, mobiles, iPads and so on, one must not discount the importance of an offline recharge. If you are looking to recharge your Vodafone net packfor example, one can do this with in the usual way via the online wallet (with internet access) or if you’re stuck without the internet – just avail the SMS or call service to do so! Mobikiwk gives you the option of getting your recharge done offline. All one has to do is call or text the relevant numbers and follow the simple instructions. So, if you are looking for a Reliance Big TV recharge, all you have to do is ensure that there are sufficient funds in your online wallet before you begin this process. An added advantage of this is that those who might find figuring out an online system difficult can continue to get their recharges done by using the skills they already have!

Advantages of an Online Wallet

An online wallet is constructed for convenience. They take into account the needs of their users and deliver accordingly. With the online wallet one can pay shopping bills, internet and mobile bills and even utility bills! Few offer payment arrangements to even offline stores and services such as dentist appointments! One of the best benefits of such a service is that you can successfully complete a Reliance online bill paymentfor a friend or your family from a completely different geographic location!

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