Ways To Enhance The Comfort Factor For Paying Guests

The popularity of paying guests is growing highly, especially in the metropolitan cities. It is mostly due to the growing number of immigrant working class people. If you have a spare house then paying guest is definitely a good source of income. If you have a vacant floor or any vacant rooms, then utilize it! If you enhance and add few more comforting factors then you will see people are getting more attracted towards your house. If you provide better facilities you will definitely get better people. The quality of paying guest also determines the rent you will get. Now the tenants want the best facilities while they are looking for apartments for rent in Bangalore. They want good facilities to be available at their fingertips. Few factors which you can bring in are:

Good Decor

Gone are the days where tenants readily stayed in shabby places! Now the working class youths wants better homes while they are looking for rental accomodation for shelter. Homes with good decor, vibrant colors, and windy balcony are bonus points for them. You should remember to change the rusty wardrobe and place a better wardrobe and bed also. If you keep a study table also then they can feel comfortable. The rooms that you are providing should be free from damp or any kind of pest. A tenant also seeks out for attached bathrooms with 24*7 water facilities. Also let the tenants access your rooftop!


Bathrooms and beds are the first thing which people want to be perfect. A comfortable bed and a good bathroom with proper tiles and shower facilities will allure the tenants. Added tips: Try to provide with water heater!


People staying in paying guest houses miss their home food a lot. If they are from a different city then will definitely miss the cuisine. So if you provide them with good homemade food then you will earn brownie points. Also after a long hectic day at office paying guests will love to eat good homemade food. Read Here how you will verify email address

Wi-Fi Facility

In today’s fast moving world, internet places a key role. We are all connected with the help of internet. So if you provide Wi-Fi facility also the tenants will love it. Not only due to entertainment factor, have the office goers also needed internet for their work purpose. So a good Wi-Fi connection will definitely add to their comfort zone. The tenants looking for apartments for rent in Bangalore will get attracted like a magnet if they get this facility.

Access to Electronic Appliances

You will come across few tenants who love to cook. So if you provide fridge and gas facilities it will be better for them. If you also provide television, room heater or ac then you will definitely get better deals. One should be a hospitable landlord then the paying guest will also be good to you. You should also maintain your rooms on a monthly or weekly basis. Better facilities are indeed a key factor for enhancing the comfort level of paying guest. Maintain a good relation with the tenants and try to help them out when they are in trouble. All of these facilities are complimentary to each other. Everyone wants the better deals so provide them with the best facilities.

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