Gardening Post Winter: 5 Equipment and Tools You Should Use

The winter has passed and now you’re excited to go back and start gardening again. Starting over can be a bit overwhelming. You’ll start to get anxious thinking whether you’ll be successful or not, regardless of whether you have the so-called green thumb or not.

The Right Tools to Use When Gardening After the Winter

Before you fret, know that with the right equipment and tools, gardening after the winter can be manageable. With this in mind, here are the six must-have equipment and tools you must use to make gardening after the winter season a breeze.

  1. Garden Scissors

Garden scissors are usually used to cut up some scraps from the kitchen for the compost bin. It can also be used to cut tree stems. There are a variety of garden scissors or shears, each with their own purpose and use. They also come in different sizes. Pick the one that you can be comfortable to use, is versatile, and can be of most help to you during gardening.

  1. Watering Can

Whether you’re gardening indoors, in your balcony, or outdoors, a watering can is a must-have. While you may think that recycling other materials is good so you can improvise a watering can, it can cause damage to your plants by drowning them. This is why it’s very important to use the right equipment and tools when gardening.

Your watering can of choice should be easy to store. By this, we mean that you find one that has a foldable spout so that it doesn’t take up much space when you store it. It should also be functional. Depending on the plants you grow, the spout should provide just the right amount of water that won’t drown your plants and delicate seedlings, if any.

  1. Mini Hand Tiller

There are times when you’ll want to get on both of your hands and knees to till a small area of your garden and manually pick out the weeds which have grown. This is when the mini hand tiller can be of much use to you. There is also a larger version that you can purchase so you are fully equipped when gardening.

  1. Rake & Hoe Hand Tool

With the rake and hoe hand tool, gardening becomes easy since you can carry and use just this one tool for two purposes. You can use the hoe part of the tool when you need to hack some stubborn weeds and roots. You can use the rake part when you need to remove some leaves that were stuck in the soil. It can really be quite useful after tilling and before transplanting; so don’t go out in your garden without it!

  1. Transplanting Trowel

There are metal, vintage, wood, and other types of transplanting trowels. Pick one that won’t bend easily and can stand the pressure you exert when digging. It should be durable, strong, and easy to grip when you wear your garden gloves while transplanting vegetables and small herbs.

With the right equipment and tools for gardening, your ultimate landscape is going to be a reality. Be sure to use the tools according to their purpose so you not only get the gardening task done efficiently; you’ll also see your equipment and tools last the test of time.

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