Custom Pools Are A Great Addition To Your Residential Outdoor Space

Who hasn’t dreamt for once about having a swimming pool in their backyard? Right! Everyone has. Therefore this fact already being established, you may have often thought about taking this dream up another notch as well. But still you might be stuck as to thinking that what it might be. Well, fret no more. Custom pools are the progress fruit of 21st century when it comes to the arena of swimming pools. At this moment you might be thinking, what in world is a custom pool? These are swimming pools which facilitates an user in much more than just a single activity of swimming. And it is more interesting than it sounds. The technology upon embracement of which, this new type of swimming pool has surfaced is just huge. The pool basically feels and breathes like the phone in your hand. It is just as convenient as using your iPhone and just as comfortable as visiting that specialist spa center down the street. What you basically get is the best of both worlds, an amalgamation of technology with the best of traditional feel.

Custom Pools Are A Great Addition To Your Residential Outdoor Space

Custom pools have way cooler features than you can ever imagine. Most of these swimming pool variants comes with topnotch facilities like an advanced custom designed hydraulic system. Now, what it does is, it moves the water in a much more seamless manner to the pool with the help of a much larger piping. This not only makes the process fast and smooth but also is an effective filtering system! Another amazing facet of these type of pools are its automation features. This feature enables the user to use the pool as a soothing spa as well. So what better than your own backyard spa at the end of a hectic day? But the best thing is that the pool can be totally operated by only the matter of touch on your iPad! And if you are more comfortable with a desktop, a laptop or even a smart phone, these can all trigger the functions in your custom pool remotely.

Many of the custom pools out there even comes with more advanced features like having a high end variable speed pump from Pentair. This speed pumps helps to make sure that as much of energy is conserved as possible and also it is boosted with the right amount of power when needed.

You might be thinking that all this will really skyrocket your electric bill and will ultimately come as too heavy on your pocket. Well, for this reason solely the pools come with an authentic energy star certification which saves 90% of electricity as compared to that of the traditional pumps. Also there is a minimal amount of sound and vibration involved in the whole process. Therefore not only is it easy on pocket but also it is much quieter and soothing that those of the traditional pumps. A survey even states that the quietness of these pools are 4 times as compared to the traditional pumps.

Therefore, now you have a fair idea as to why custom pools are a must addition to your residential space.

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